What feet tell you about your health?

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

Face is the first thing that is looked up to when you go anywhere. It is important that you keep your face interesting and your manners impressive to come across as an influential person. But neglecting feet only causes repent later. Studies have revealed that the state or health of your feet is an indication of the health of your body.

How is your health?

Christopher Hunt, a registered podiatrist believes that the state of your feet is a good indicator of what is happening inside your body. For example, if you are having a slow pulse, it can signify that the blood circulation in your body is poor. The rolling ankles signify that you are working or sitting in an incorrect posture that can eventually lead to severe back pain. Since your feet carry more than 26 major joints and bones in our body, the way you walk, makes lot of impact on the joints and bones all over your body. For example, if you have flat feet, there is a possibility that you can suffer from spine curvature and in case you have symptoms of distorted toes, it signifies rheumatoid arthritis in the posterity.

The texture, shape and colour of the feet also tell about whether you are going to suffer from diabetes or hypertension in the future.

If you can sum your overall heath to last but not the feet… it’s time to change!

Common conditions that indicate diseases

Blemishes, sores and ulcers

If your feet have blemishes or spots that have developed into red ulcers and keep on coming back, there are chances that you are suffering from diabetes. Around 1.4 million British show this indication. Ulcers do not heal quickly in diabetics. When the blood is pressed or weighed down due to the presence of glucose, the sores or the ulcers do not get the oxygen for repairing and healing due to which they either do not heal or keep coming back. Moreover, if your body has diabetic tendency, it has less capacity to produce the fighting cells(white blood cells that ward off infections). This is another reason why infections in diabetic patients keep on coming back or take time to heal quickly.

If these symptoms persist, it is better to consult a caregiver who may ask you to undergo diabetes test and recommend medication according to the result.

Feet discoloration

A foot expert can diagnose the problems related to circulation by looking at the color of your feet. If you have bluish-colored feet then it indicates excessive smoking and poor blood circulation. Nicotine has a tendency to narrow down the arteries present in the legs and feet. Due to this blood as well as oxygen, do not reach in ample amount to the leg tissues due to which they turn blue.

To avoid these problems you should start exercising. This will improve the functioning of the muscles and encourage blood and oxygen flow. If you are a regular smoker, it is best to give up smoking habits. You may be prescribed medications so that the flow of oxygen and blood to the arteries improves.