Wine glass shape determines how much you pour

  • By Dr. Neha Agrawal

Researchers are interesting people. They can find the most unthinkable topics and conduct a detailed study on it – only to produce results that will amaze you and amuse you, but help you.

Study conducted by Iowa State and Cornell University showed that the shape and color of the wine glass will affect how much you drink

Recently a study was done to reveal relationship between wine glasses and the amount you pour. Remember the last time you poured wine in a glass, did you know exactly how much to fill in?

They conducted a research on university students using different types of glasses and observed the difference in quantities of drinking. They even noted how holding a glass when wine is being poured affects the quantity.

When pouring white wine, the quantity is often more than red wine – because red wine’s visibility is much higher than white’s. The problem is the amount of wine consumed is measured by the number of glasses, but not every glass is the same, and two same glasses may not be poured in with the same amount of wine. Sometimes, one glass of wine may be more in quantity than three glasses. The wide bottomed glasses would mean more drinking, whereas the tall slender ones would mean less drinking.

This can help us understand drinking behaviours of people around and limit the excess. Eating more surely leads to trouble but drinking more could create much greater problem.

Often, people pouring in more are aware of this phenomenon subconsciously but they choose to ignore and justify the quantities consumed.

The study intends to create an educative approach towards limiting the quantities of wine being consumed.

If you are trying to reduce your intake, change your glass. Do not hold it in your hand when pouring in, put it on the table. With white wine, pick a glass that is dark in colour. With red wine, pick a clear glass.

Happy pouring!