10 tips for six-pack abs

  • By Sahana Rajan

Exercise: Here are five staple exercises to get six-pack abs. The number and intensity of the exercises must be decided by each individual according to his/her bodily capacity. However, make sure you do not let your body be stagnated to a certain number of repetitions per exercise for a long time. Continually progress your exercise regime. The first four exercises do not require any gymnastic equipment while the fifth one uses the abs roller equip.

  1. Tip 1: Sit-ups
    Lie on a flat surface and place your feet on the floor. Up your knees and fix your hands crossed on your chest. Ask someone to hold your feet down or wedge them underneath something which is heavy and will not let them rise easily. This will be your original position. Now, lift yourself and sit upright. Make sure you are only lifting your lower back off the surface with your shoulder. Do not hunch. Slowly lower yourself to the original position. Repeat the exercise.

  2. Tip 2: Crunches
    Lie on the ground with your arms placed in front of your chest. You could also let your hands rest lightly on your temples. Now, bend your knees. This is the original position. Now, gradually uplift your shoulders (the upper torso) and move towards your knees. Only make use of your abdominal muscles. You should also add to the routine the act of exhaling as you rise over the floor and of inhaling when you reach to your original position.

  3. Tip 3: Leg Lifts
    Lie on a flat surface in such a manner that your legs are straight out and your hands are placed on your sides. This is the original position. Slowly lift your legs straight up until they are placed at a 90 degree angle. Lower your legs gradually to the original position and repeat the exercise without allowing your legs to touch the ground.

  4. Tip 4: Jackknife Sit-ups
    Lie down on the ground. For balance, let your hands be on the ground to your sides. You can begin to pick them up, after you get used to the motion of the exercise. Raise your knees gradually along with the torso such that your knees and face intersect at a point which marks meeting of your pelvis to the ceiling. This will imply that your face should be able to touch the knees during the peak of the movement. By natural force, your legs will fold letting your feet move towards your hips. This position resembles that of a jackknife (and thus, the name). Slowly lie down and repeat the exercise.

  5. Tip 5: Abs Roller
    Hold the abs roller while you are kneeling down on the floor. Gradually push the abs roller away from your body and allow your arms to extend. Go downwards as far as you can without letting your torso touch the ground. Make sure your hands are well outstretched over your head.

    Diet and Lifestyle:

  6. Tip 6: Eat Smaller Snacks Late at Night
    The main reason why a fit body aspirant is told to stay off late night snacking is not because the body’s metabolism has come to a close but because most of our midnight snacks are high-caloried and junk like pizza, ice cream and others. If you feel the need to eat at night, stick to fruit or vegetable salad. You could also drop in boiled vegetable with rice or other healthy cereal snacks.

  7. Tip 7: Healthy Desserts
    Those who have a sweet tooth and find it irresistible to not have a dessert at the end of their meals should get hold of a list of healthy desserts. These will include parfait, choco-nut popcorn, frozen chocolate banana, sorbet, baked apple, and pudding.

  8. Tip 8: Healthy Breakfast
    Do not skip your breakfast under any illusion of it helping you to lose weight. While it makes you hungrier during the day, skipping breakfast will also stop your body from doing what breakfasts are meant to do: break-the-night-fast and kick start your metabolism. Start your day with a healthy breakfast while includes lean protein. You can go for yogurt with bananas, flax seeds, and blueberries as well as omelet with turkey and spinach. Try to stay away from smoothies and sugar-coated cereals.

  9. Tip 9: Steady Metabolism
    Make sure you do not consume any refined carbohydrates like pasta, white bread or rice, excessive sugar and high-fat foods like fried items to avoid slowing down your metabolism.

  10. Tip 10: Adequate Water and Sufficient Sleep
    The amount of water you drink will highly determine the health of your body. Ensure you consume at least two liters of water every day along. Also, a normally functioning adult must get at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep to be able to work optimally throughout the day.

Most importantly, get hold of your stress and work towards mental well-being marked by calm temperament and positive outlook. This will radically change the way your diet and exercise affect your body and bring about better results sooner.