Granny magic - Tackling swine flu at home

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

The H1N1 epidemic was first seen in India in 2009. It was brought under control then with the help of awareness programmes, early intervention and proper medication.

Now, the epidemic has once again caught us unawares. The growing news reports of the number of people falling prey to the disease has only increased the tension levels among the masses.

Instead of creating a message of awareness, such reports are creating panic. There has been news of shortage of Tamiflu, the medicine used to treat H1N1 infection, n several areas. This is because people are stocking up on the medicine as a way of 'prevention'. Tamiflu is also being prescribed indiscriminately for all flu cases.

This will result in two things for sure-
-The person in need of the medicine won’t have access to it
-Indiscriminate prescribing may lead to resistance to Tamiflu.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the best remedy for swine flu is a good immune system. If you are healthy and strong, no virus including H1N1 can dare to stay for long in your body.

Here are a few home remedies that have been effective for ages. These medicines wont burn a hole in your pocket either!

  1. A few well washed leaves of the Tulsi plant [Occimum Sanctum] is a great way to beat swine flu and all other diseases too. Tulsi leaves are filled with medicinal properties. They work by strengthening your immunity to such an extent that your body will have enough strength to kick out the virus and bounce back to fitness without the need for Tamiflu.
  2. Two pods of garlic taken early in the morning with lukewarm water is another great way to boost the immunity.
  3. A glass of hot milk with a small amount of turmeric added to it is extremely beneficial if you have the flu, swine flu or otherwise. The warm milk is soothing to the painful throat and the turmeric forms the best antibiotic coat and prevents secondary bacterial infections.
  4. Aloe vera, the miraculous medicinal plant, helps in swine flu too. Aloe vera juice take regularly helps in relieving the inflammatory post-viral joint pains.
  5. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, amla [Indian gooseberry] are all wonderful immune boosters. Eat a fresh fruit or consume the juice regularly.
  6. Start with Zinc lozenges when you feel you are coming down with the flu. Zinc helps soothe the throat as well as helps build the immunity.
  7. Hot tea made with ginger, cardamom and cinnamon also help in relieving the symptoms of flu.
  8. Homeopathic medicines like Influenzinum, Eupatorium, Rhus Tox and Gelsimium also are extremely beneficial for swine flu. However take them only after getting them prescribed by a registered homeopathic practitioner.

The medical knowledge passed down from generation is one that have been tried and tested over the ages. It is time we accept them too.