When do men lie to women?

  • By Team TDO

The Lying King is most likely to lie to his woman when:

He knows the truth will hurt: Our man not just sensitive, but actually even sensible at times. He is trying his best not to make eyes at your best friend, and knows the price to be paid, if the truth be known. So, he lies to you by actually making jokes at your friend’s expense or by appearing casual whenever you mention her name. However, this is only until the time when he is considering things like fidelity, and sexual attraction. If his animal male wins, then he probably would be blatant about his sexual attraction towards other females.

Females at the workplace: If he is going out for an official luncheon or party, he tells you that it is a strictly “for staff only”. He probably doesn’t want you to meet his female colleagues. So, diplomatically, he tells you about this bash which he has to attend, as his promotion is on the line. You just ruffle his hair, and insist that he ought to go! Well, may be, he has nothing going on with any of his female colleagues, but a man could lie on such occasions, especially if he doesn’t want to reveal his semi-committed state.

Your looks: Ask him what he thinks about your weight, or a new haircut, and you are never going to get the truth. He will probably avoid the question by saying you have the most beautiful smile in the whole world. Of course, it will be extremely silly if the man blurts out his mind!

His promotion or pay hike: A man’s honor is in his wallet. He has been bragging about how he has the boss wrapped around his little finger, and suddenly, for three days in a row, you are amazed at the way he prefers to talk about your mother, and our life. If you ask him questions about his appraisal, he will, at once, tell you about an entirely imaginative job offer, in the pipeline for him. For a man, it is a matter of self-esteem to not being considered for a promotion, and they would probably make excuses.