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Emotional outbursts in men

  • By Sahana Rajan

Recently, a study conducted regarding the emotional dealings of men in relationship revealed that over 40% of men have felt that they have to suppress their emotions at least once throughout their romantic relationship due to the way men are stereotypically seen. Generally, relationships (starting with strangers to acquaintances, and so on), go through evolutionary stages; and it is believed that during the stage in which two people declare to be in love with each other is the stage where they can be themselves. The relationship becomes a space where they can bring forth their true selves. However, societal ideas have continually made it difficult for men to express their emotions openly, claiming that it would put at stake their masculinity. A prominent relationship counselor, Katrina Frost, remarked that a true relationship begins when two ‘persons’ meet- regardless of their gender, caste, and religion.

Emotional outbursts refer to episodes of emotional eruptions which are usually the conclusion to suppression of emotions for a long time, which are cumulatively discharged during an event of emotional encounter. The manifestation of such outbursts includes verbal and physical violence. They are caused due to lack of honest and harmonious communication in a relationship for a long period of time. It is only through the help of those in the relation that the men involved in it can come forward honestly about their emotions. If you’re a woman in relation with a man who is prone to such outbursts, then it is time to talk - tell your partner that relationships are created by two human beings together and communication is the basis for such a creation. Also add that your being with him is not conditioned by the social idea of masculinity - that he can express all that he undergoes, honestly. Even though two people might be honest to each other, it is possible that such honestly only results in fights - which is counterproductive as it would demotivate the participants to bring up their problems honestly next time. Along with honesty, it is imperative that the partners initiate and maintain a dialogue about the problems. Through honest and harmonious communication, it is possible to treat and resolve emotional outbursts in men.