Not so obvious things women like in men

  • By Team TDO

Men would give their right kidney to know this one! Men have always thought of women as real strange creatures, not quite knowing what can ease the way into her affections. It is indeed difficult to understand the female mind. Ask the Gods who are still tearing their hair off at their own creation. Men try various things to woo women, and then a dozen more to ensure his woman stays put with him!

Now that’s a challenge, mind you – keeping a woman hooked for a long time. It is easier to impress her the first time ( Yes, whoever said women are infallible!), and then rest assured, it won’t be long before you are subjected to that icy glare of the disapproving female gaze.

So, here are a few things that women simply love about their men. No, it isn’t your big fat pay-cheque or your handsome looks, nor is it your bulging muscles!


  1. Her olfactory sense is over active.

    Well that’s why you daub the coolest possible aftershave and cologne, don’t you? However, before you heave a sigh of relief, let us quickly tell you it isn't all the perfumes in Arabia, it is a man’s natural body odor which is a turn on for her.

    So unless you have the right chemicals that make up the blend that turns her on, she is most likely to gift you lots of deodorants. Some women like the sweaty footballer type of body odor while others would probably go for someone who smells of books (not exactly!) The sense of smell is a rather curious thing and can evoke powerful emotions.

  2. Face Book: Gestures and Expressions

    Ever seen a real "knock out of a woman" with a real ordinary sort of bloke? Just the thing that makes one wonder if the big man up there is really all there! That’s quite a natural reaction for all those suave and sophisticated gents, towards whom she does not even cast half a glance. That’s adding insult to injury as you curiously peer at them with grudging respect for the lucky **** So, how did he land that one?

    Well, a man could be pretty average looking, but it is the sum total of the person he is that the woman is looking at, including his facial expressions, gestures, and hundreds of little things that can pique the curiosity of a woman.

    Sometimes the way a man’s eyes light up when he smiles or the way his mouth curls up can reveal a lot of his nature, and if the girl digs that about your competitor, then you may as well dig your own grave, because she is going to remain fascinated. It’s time for you to ditch hair gel, the Armani suit, and try a few earnest puppy dog expressions that might just warm the cockles of her heart.

  3. Manners maketh the girl admire her man!

    Women love a sensitive man. Men are supposed to be practical and protective. Sure, women love that protective bit too, but what they appreciate is a man who shows sensitivity towards others. Most men wouldn’t care to be nice to someone with whom they have no business with. So, all that snapping at the waiter or hollering at the salesman might be your idea of machismo, but she is certainly not going to appreciate that. A sensible woman would not only remember how nice you were to her on your date, but is most likely to remember if you were nice to the parking lot attendant or not. Just try and be genuine.

  4. Honesty is a big turn on.

    An honest man is a man who knows his own mind and is not afraid to admit it. Why do you think some women fall for the 'Big Bad Wolf' kind of guy? Partly because of his "care-a-damn for the world kind of honesty" about his likes and dislikes and not just a 'whatever you say darling' kind of a person. If this honesty pervades to other facets of his life, like transparency in relationships and dealings, then this is a man that is going to have a flock of admirers.

  5. Men who show their vulnerability.

    Men are competitive and thus rarely show their hurt sides. Even a man truly and earnestly hammered in a battle would never let his masculine ego allow it to show. Ladies often warm up to men who show their vulnerable sides while interacting with them. When a man is vocal about how much a woman means to him and that he is afraid to lose her, is like music to her ears rather than clichés like there are 'plenty of fish in the sea' or 'you are just not good enough for me.' Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be confident or go all meek as a lamb, just allow her to see that little chink in your armor and she will appreciate that.

  6. A man who is able to see the funny side of things.

    A man who can laugh heartily is good, but a man who can laugh at himself is what women really like. It means the ego isn’t prime and can be set aside for some spontaneity. Most men make up their lines and plan their lives step by step. Some men have a fair idea as to where they want to go and just enjoy the journey without being rigid about their minds. A man who respects himself and has good self-esteem would never make a joke at someone else's expense. Most men need to learn how to do that. Laughing and sharing one’s own funny experiences or boo-boos won’t make you any less of a man, in fact a ‘put on’ or a ‘play pretender’ can be easily exposed, and mind you, women are loaded with that thing called "the sixth sense" to know who is genuine and who is a "downright fake."

Well, these are things that come naturally to some men, while others might have to do some serious changes in their psyche if that's what is important for you. Else, it will be all very well to keep that fat pay cheque and smooth talk handy, for some women might just go for that (whoever said all women are perfect!)