10 ways to be more romantic

  • By Team TDO

You used to be such an incurable romantic not once upon a long ago? The very sight of your loved one would send violins ringing in your ears and now all you do is bring out the beer and settle for violence on TV. If you think it is the “end of the road” for you as far as romances is concerned, here is how you can brush the dust off your romantic self and prove to her once again that you can set her heart aflutter just like the old times!

  1. The rock still rolls and flowers still bloom
    Rock N Roll can never die, and so can’t a ‘die hardromantic.’ So, start right from where you left off. Yes, flowers and candy still work wonders. Flowers are a lover’s ‘ace of spades’ if played correctly. You don’t have to buy off the florists at the corner. Instead take the effort to pluck a fresh rose from a garden.

    (Steal one from the neighbor’s rose bed, go on live dangerously for once!).And since you can’t make candy at home, go to the confectioner’s and armed with that, surprise the hell out of your girl or wife. She will be decidedly suspicious of your motives by now. So just tell her you have decided to turn a new leaf! Speaking of leaves, an ‘I Love You’ or a heart scrawled on a leaf can also be a great souvenir which she will undoubtedly store away, be assured of that.

  2. Keep a moon calendar handy
    A moon calendar day is ideal to bring out the Lunatic Lover in you! Wait till the moon is full and howl at the moon, i.e., serenade your girl just like in the old times of princes and princesses. You might not have the perfect setting like a garden and a balcony above, and might be hopeless at singing or strumming too, but well, you get the drift of what we mean, don’t you? You can turn the lights off and put on some romantic saxophone smooth jazz and dance cheek to cheek for a while. Feel the night turn agreeable, and after that she can go back to do the dishes and you to your TV set. Actually, she will probably feel happiest if you helped her with the dishes too and nothing half as romantic as taking the thrash out while you are at it.

  3. Compliments never fail and immediately get cozy after that
    Wonder why the compliments have to fade out with the passing years. Compliments are right down romantic, when all else fails. It shows that you care just as much and are aware of any subtle changes in the weather and your lover’s appearance, be it a different hairstyle or just the way she holds her neck to look at you. “You have the most beautiful eyes in the world”, followed by a quick inventory of her other vitals can be a romantic beginning to a great love making session or two. Always compliment sincerely because women know when men fake it.

  4. Be spontaneous. Don’t mug up your lines
    A guy who spouts Shakespeare is well, ‘intelligent and talented,’ but one who is slightly off the mark, but absolutely original is a true romantic! A sure-fire way to get romantic with your lover is to try your hand at some free ‘love verse’ and if bad gets to ‘verse,’ there is always ‘Haiku,’ so your labor of love won’t be in vain. Very often guys try and impress girls by sounding like someone else. When she claps with glee, it is because that other guy you are imitating is whom she admires and not you. So cultivate your best original voice in everything you do and that’s decidedly more romantic than mouthing off stale dialogues of staler on-screen heroes.

  5. Hand holding and kissing are still chartbusters
    Remember the first time you ever held her hand? Evoke the hand memory and try that as you take a walk. “Familiarity breeds contempt,” and we often feel embarrassed to hand hold. See what a difference that will make as you go hand-in-hand and feel the love rekindling itself. I guess it is time to bring on the candles after that for a romantic tête-à-tête with the lady. Keep mistletoe handy, as tradition has it that it is pure magic to kiss your lover under mistletoe. Exactly how does one get under mistletoe could be the question plaguing most of you, considering it is a leathery-leaved parasitic plant which grows on apple, oak, and other broadleaf trees. So I guess you will need to get fake mistletoe and hold it over your head and kiss away. Kisses don’t need mistletoe for a reason, so just make sure your lips are ready to pucker up at the drop of her hat!

  6. Revisit those romantic places you used to go to
    A walk down memory lane can be so exciting and really keep you in your lover’s good books. Try and reconstruct the good parts of your courtship by visiting along with her all those places that you visited in the days of your courtship. If these are your first days of courtship, then keep a journal of silly events that take place when you meet. You can both write a combined journal and hopefully if your romance stands the test of time, then you can revisit all the great times through this journal or lover’s diary.

  7. Make a public announcement if she is ok with it
    If you are at a public event or ceremony and you are called upon to utter a few words then make sure your utterances include your girlfriend before you assume centerstage. Party toasts and rhymes dedicated to the lady can also help you be publicly romantic and make you immensely likeable to everybody in general. Your lady won’t help but follow suit.

  8. The Surprise Element never fails
    Surprise works wonders in love and war. Surprise your lover by making a surprise appearance to pick her up from work, or better still, plan a surprise party with the help of her colleagues or friends. Surprise her by trying to figure out at least 3 things that she has wanted to do but couldn’t and make attempts to give it to her. Maybe your girlfriend always wanted to take up dance lessons, but couldn’t find the time. You learn that from her friend, and instead of getting angry at her for not telling you that ever, make sure she takes those lessons by enrolling her name and maybe the both of you too can be dance mates. Or best, let her decide whom she wants to be dancing mates with.

  9. Leave notes in the strangest of places
    Small messages or love notes are your way of communicating to her that you care and that you are always around even if she can’t see you. If she doesn’t think you are a creep, that means she finds you utterly romantic. Make sure a note arrives at her work desk when she arrives at work. If you are romantic or adventurous enough, you will find a way to bribe a colleague. It isn’t the big things that you do, it is the little things that add up to something really big. So she will break out in to a smile for sure, make her day!

  10. Be a man of your word
    When you say she is the “most beautiful girl in the whole world” then you better behave like you mean it. Words are after all only words but words that convert in to action are the most romantic words of them all. So even if you lack finesse in other departments, a man who is caring, and above all, - true to his word is the most romantic of them all. So go ahead and don’t hold yourself back- treat her like she is the most beautiful girl in the world and worthy of your attention.

“You get what you give”, so rest assured, all this investment in being more romantic shall yield only rich dividends.