Coping with mid-life crisis

  • By Team TDO

Mid-life crisis usually hits people in their 50s.Today, however, someone at 40 too could manifest classic symptoms of life at the cross roads. Average age is 40-60. Mid-life crisis occurs mainly due to

  1. Andropause
  2. Waning physical and mental capacities
  3. Diseases and health conditions
  4. Loss of spouse or divorce/estrangement
  5. Unresolved conflicts

Everyone goes through this in varying degrees. And here are some broad tips on dealing with it.

  1. Do some soul searching to find out what you want to do with your life. Set easy goals as too ambitious goals can be somewhat difficult to reach.
  2. Consult a therapist if you are going through a relationship crisis and resolve any past hurts or conflicts.
  3. Have a regular exercise routine and health check-ups. Sometimes hidden physical conditions contribute to depression. To rule that out, keep your doctor in the loop.
  4. Maintain a journal so you can articulate your thoughts better to yourself. Writing down those stray thoughts and sudden hunches can also give you an altogether different direction in life.
  5. Seek your friends’ opinion about what is bothering you. Listen to the advice, weigh the pros and cons and then take your own decisions. Don’t forget to thank your friends for their support and convey your decision to them. They will appreciate it.

Finally, sometimes adversity and crisis can get the best out of an individual. So, if you are having a rough time, just remember, your best is yet to come!