Sex after 40

  • By Team TDO

Sexual changes in normal aging after 40:

  1. Erection takes longer time
  2. Require manual stimulation, particularly by partner
  3. Erection may subside during foreplay or coitus
  4. Decreased frequency of nocturnal erection
  5. Pre-ejaculatory fluid decrease or absent
  6. Ejaculation less forceful
  7. Seminal fluid volume decreases or absent
  8. Frequency of desire for sexual release decreases with age.

Aged couples learn to cope with their own sexuality. Some are happy with foreplay and self masturbation, others insist on more usually it is the male.

Frequency of sexual intercourse between 20-95 years :

  1. Sexual intercourse decreases with age as the study shows.
  2. Decreased during 5year interval after 34 years
  3. Weekly frequency: 30 - 34 years 2.2%; 60 – 64 years 0.7%; 65 - 74 years 0.4%; 75 – 79 years 0.3%

Do we need to change this pattern with Viagra? I would say yes - sex can be joyful till the last days.

Nobody needs to be impotent now. Home devices like rubber bands, ribbons are also used to hold the blood back in the penis when the erection is not adequate. Vacuum pump to draw blood into penis with an application of a ring after erection is also found suitable by some. Active intervention by drugs (both allopathy, ayurvedic and unani) have been successfully developed. They may be applied topically (minidoxil), inhaled (amyl nitrate) inserted into the urethral passage, injected into the corpus cavernosa or taken orally (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, etc.). Finally if all fails silastic rods can be implanted in the penis to give permanent erection.

The joy of living lasts a life time.