Male virginity

  • By Team TDO

So, technically, a male is still a virgin until he has ‘penetrative sex with a woman.’ Most men like to consider themselves 'virgins at heart,' at least. So virginity for some goes beyond the physical act. A man might go around the town "sowing his wild oats" and consider himself a virgin until he is in a relationship with a woman - mind, body, and soul. (Unlikely, but who knows! With men, anything is possible.)

Attitudes towards female virginity are more stringent than they are towards the male version. Male virginity can be somewhat of a joke, especially if the male is over 25 and inexperienced. Virginity is often related to chastity or purity of the person, as most religions recognize and accept sexual intercourse only after marriage.

So, virgin brides are perhaps the "most sought after," in narrow-minded cultures and societies. When a virgin female engages in sexual intercourse, then the rupturing of the hymen indicates an end to her virginity, technically speaking. Now, this hymen can be ruptured even if she were to engage in sports or other such activities. Many a woman has had her character questioned due to this 'rogue ruptured hymen.' Fortunately, or unfortunately, in males there are no obvious signs from the penis to indicate whether he has had sexual intercourse or not.

A male virgin is often the butt of many a joke as in the eyes of other men "virginity in men" is akin to impotence. Some men wait for the right person to come along and want to save their virginity only for their wives - which is quite an honorable thing and nothing to be laughed at. However, there are a few insensitive men who might poke fun at them for such unnecessary things and might actually influence them to indulge in sexual intercourse purely out of "peer pressure."

Virgin males might even stay away from sexual intercourse due to ignorance or being apprehensive about the pain factor. Yes, there are some men who still think that the foreskin ruptures and bleeds the first time they have sexual intercourse with a woman. This is completely baseless and false. Yes, some men might bleed if the foreskin on the penis doesn't roll back to expose the glans.

For that, they will have to use soap or oil and ensure that the foreskin can be pulled back and forth over the glans easily, as that might be a reason for painful sexual intercourse.

Other than that, male virgins need not fear about any factor than being a little sore in the penis afterwards. Most men, whether virgin or not, indulge in masturbation, so really speaking there is just nothing very different about a male virgin other than the fact the reason why he chooses to be one.

Some men over the age of 25 or above are unmarried and due to social and religious pressures do not believe in having sexual intercourse without a formal marriage. Marriage also depends on a lot of other realities like financial viability, sociability, and many other factors.

So if these men have such high ideals and do not find a marriage partner or can't marry for some reason, then it could cause some tremendous amount of anguish and mental strain in them. The only avenue open to them is to go in for 'commercial sex.'

The sexual instinct is powerful and can cause a huge dent on a man’s self-esteem and mental focus. It is natural to have sexual intercourse, and if you want to remain a virgin for some reason you will also have to weigh the numerous problems that you might have to encounter before you make that decision.