Oddgasms…Things you didn’t know about the male orgasm!

  • By Team TDO

The male penis head or the glans (Spearhead) at first glance seems to be a blob of pink flesh but it is choc a bloc full of sensation. Under the right ministrations, it can heighten pleasure to such an extent that it could lead to a increased heart rate followed by heavy breathing and the sensation peaks to a crescendo (Music to the female’s ears) as the male reaches his climax or known as an orgasm or ejaculation. Evidence of a male orgasm is in 90% of the cases ejaculation of semen. So, can the pleasurable sensation of orgasm be heightened in anyway?

The hard facts about a male orgasm

  1. The average male orgasm can last from anything between 5-30 seconds.
  2. The penis will then beat a hasty retreat, as the blood drains away from it leaving the penis flaccid.
  3. The recovery time varies greatly from man to man. Generally age and health are factors determine how many orgasms a man is likely to have on a good night.
  4. The tip of the penis followed by the perineum (That area between the testicles and the anus) can also heighten orgasmic pleasure. So, if those areas are stroked while intercourse, it can greatly enhance the effect of the male orgasm.The prostate gland is a walnut shaped organ which is situated behind the rectum of human male and could very well be the mythical Shangri-la or the place where earth shattering orgasms reside. The rectum is full of sensitive nerve ends which can be highly erotic to the touch. A probing finger or a toy can rub the prostate gland the right way which could lead to more than average orgasmic response in a man.
  5. Some men can be multi orgasmic and do not necessarily ejaculate semen while having an orgasm. Generally, the first couple of orgasms in some men produce only the necessary contractions of the anal sphincter which lead to the climax without the ejaculation. This could happen in some males, though it is not a regular feature with the majority. Though most men would give their left testicles to be thus endowed. That’s another matter all together!