Flavored condoms

  • By Sanjay Akolkar

Flavored condoms are the "whatever next" in sex! Just when you thought everything that could be done about sex has been done, out comes the innovation at its ‘generation next.’ Yes, flavored condoms have caught the fancy of most couples today with their attractive colors and variety of lip smacking flavors. I know this might read like an ad for a yummy snack or breakfast cereals - but then isn’t lovemaking a sort of feast, albeit, one for the senses and the genitals- but a feast nonetheless!

So let’s face it. Most couples hate using condoms and look at them as some sort of necessary evil that will stave off unwanted pregnancies and the much dreaded STDs and STIs. So with teeth gritted the couples went on burning miles and miles of rubber, which did indeed take away most of the zing from the sheer pleasure of sexual intercourse- a darn nuisance!

That’s why condom manufacturers came up with innovative things to help better sense prevail. First, ultra-thin condoms which promised low interference- "Nothing comes in the way of pleasure," as one of the tag lines promised. Then some condom company had a bright idea – why not add some ribs and grooves which can actually enhance pleasure? So the much condemned condom was back with a vengeance and back for good with the ribbed-n-tickling variety.

Then came the united colors of love, colored condoms – united for the singular purpose of giving a respite for those whose organs were a bit of an eyesore. Men soon flaunted the battle axe with all the colors on the chromatic scale in their love capers. The bedroom was never the same again. And now after color comes the sense of smell and taste - the very flavor of lovemaking.

Take your pick- Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate Chips, Marshmallow, Sugar-n-Spice, Orange Tangy, or whatever that suits your love palette! So it doesn’t take much to figure out that flavored condoms are meant for ‘woman consumption’ or oral sex to be more precise. The simple act of oral sex can also give rise to infections such as HPV and HIV (only if the partner is infected).

Besides that oral sex can be really in a bad tasteas the lady may not favor it much due to the disagreeable penis odor or semen. So flavored condoms help those in such perilous situations to meet halfway and get on with it! And moreover, these flavors are also edible so that’s a double treat for all involved. A word of caution, however- the flavored condom has artificial sugars and chemicals which might not appeal to the vagina or anus, so make sure you switch condoms for intercourse.

Otherwise, flavored condoms will never go out of season and promise the couple an unusual and naughty experience in lovemaking.