Tips for men to look great on the new year’s eve

  • By Team TDO

Some men don’t have to try hard to look good, while others don’t really try hard enough! Here are some tips for those gents, who want that “kill them all” look for the New Year entails. Well, knowledge is power and it will help to go in to the New Year’s Eve with some handy tips to clothe yourself and put your best step forward to be the absolute dapper gent!

Dress to Thrill (Yourself First)
Now this is a bit tricky. If you already have a party date this New Year’s Eve, then you probably want to complement your date or spouse or girl friend. After all, you don’t want her to be embarrassed with all those whispers “Look at the guy she is with!” Doesn’t mean you have to match an Armani suit for her pearl necklace. Just try and be the perfect party fit because this is a partnership game after all.

If you are going alone and unattached, then the rules relax here a little bit. So, for a more formal venue you could try a semi-formal outfit of blue jeans, white shirt and a blazer jacket on top to look sharp.

If you are on the frailer side of things, you could even have the jacket padded at the shoulders or get a cut which will suit you.

If your boyish charm is not made for jackets and blazers, then leave well enough alone.

An odd assortment or unusual combinations could well be your key to get noticed first. In a world of likes where everyone appears more or less the same, your masculinity has to do something different. Play the color mismatch game. A plain silk shirt on a slightly dark pair of trousers might not get you any marks on the chromatic scale but can help you get noticed with its uniqueness. If that fails and you can’t carry it off you will have only your charm to fall back on.

Informal jackets or a red cardigan on beige or cream coloured trousers can give you a sophisticated look and help you earn brownie points.

Winter jackets or Polo Necks can look pretty cool if you have a good frame otherwise stick to what feels comfortable.

For the rock star appearance, you can go in for leather studded jackets and ripped at the knees faded jeans. If you are used to dressing formally and want shock value then the stud look is what you can try. Take a risk and you might yield some rich dividends.

Don’t wear oversized clothes just to hide your paunch. Instead, wear stripes or checks whichever suits you so that the bulk hides in the pattern.

A good belt can also add glitz to your dressing style. Make sure it suits the trousers and sits well on you

Hair First…Shoes Next
Unless you are a genius or bald, it would matter what your hair looks like on New Year’s Eve. Your hairstyle can leave a lasting impression and set the difference between what’s hot and what’s not.

If you have hair that gets upset and tossed about easily then you can daub some non-sticky hair gel or mousse and neatly comb back to give you a suave appearance. The gelled back hair looks great on almost all outfits.

If you have the height and also have long hair then you could try the movie star look by wearing a shirt with the top two buttons open and a jacket on top. Leave the hair loose and walk about like your auditioning for an Italian movie.

The shoe shine boy should not be given the day off. If you are wearing leather shoes then make sure you buff them up nice and proper. Add some extra shoe wax for your shoes to have that sheen which makes up for sartorial elegance.

Wear shoes that fit you snugly and don’t bite or ask questions.

Leather wear looks cool even on casual so even if you don’t have sports shoes to go with your bootlegs then don’t despair, for it can give you a cool semi-formal look.

Hot accessories for the hot male
Silk scarves or Bandanas can add to the thrill of the chase.

On a formal jacket, make sure you have a clean hanky peeping out of the breast pocket.

Show off your cuff links to add more enchantment to the evening.

Stubble can look great if you have the proper face structure and not a very thick growth; otherwise, go for the smooth clean-shaven look.

When you go dancing cheek-to-cheek you have to smell good. Try an assortment of deodorants or mix perfumes for a heady effect.

Smoking only winds disapproval. So if you must smoke, why don’t you try and light up a pipe that way you will have a edge over fellow cigarette smokers and pipe tobacco also smells good so that’s guaranteed to give you more attention.

Just be sociable and friendly as nothing can ruin a New Year’s Eve than a snob and a snoot. So remember, just as you are trying to have a good New Year’s Eve so is someone else. So you can only enjoy if you help others enjoy themselves too.

Good luck with the New Year celebrations!