Style options for college guys

  • By Team TDO

You just need to learn and apply a few simple tricks to look for your college. Let us now go through them.

  1. Use vivid coloured T-shirts with funny one liners and rock star faces. Even collared T-shirts can give you the perfect fit, and help you look sophisticated and trendy, at the same time. You can experiment with colors, from whites, pestle shades to bright rainbow colors as well. You can even try out stripes and checks in shirts. Also, try wearing loose shirts over a cool pair of denims. Casual shirts give you a nice semi-formal look, and go great with jeans and jackets.
  2. In college try to prepare yourself for your future professional life. Wearing a good, straight fit pair of dark colored jeans with a good T-shirt, or shirt on top will make you look sober and stylish at the same time.
  3. For dates and parties try picking up jackets that suit your body type. Denim and Leather are materials worth considering. They can alter your appearance, and actually give you a masculine look. Try having a “black” jacket for all occasions and then you can even try with different shades as you like.
  4. You need to take care of your external appearance, and that includes the skin. There is an entire men’s grooming and fashion accessory line that sells products like face washes and men’s skin care creams. So, pick the one best suited for your skin tone, and use it every day.
  5. Hair gels are not suitable for all occasions. For morning lectures, wearing lot of hair gel might make you look weird. Try and let your hair loose, instead of hiding it under caps/hats or even hair gels.
  6. A dinner jacket or tuxedo, whichever fits you the best, can be picked up for different occasions. It will give you a good blend of casual fashion sense, and formal ways of dressing.
  7. Try the clean shaven or neatly trimmed bearded look with well managed hair. You will be able to pull a lot of attention, and at the same time feel confident.
  8. You need to change your taste in footwear from flip flop sneakers to formal leather or casual shoes. Well, running/sports shoes are a great option when you are on field or out for jogging. For your daily look, though, try and pick up formal and casual footwear, which shall go well with all your clothes.
  9. Money bag to Leather wallet- When you are in college carrying your money in the pockets or pouches is too childish. Try and get a good leather wallet, black or brown in color mostly (avoid the funky colored wallets always) .This will make you look both classy and trendy
  10. While both digital or analog watches can work well at different occasions, yet try and have a good and classy analog watch in your collection. They go well with formal and casual looks. The big dial and the light pastel colors make it look urbane and chic.

Well, trying all of them at one time might be difficult. Try and take it slow, and pick up one at a time. So, happy grooming!