Fashion tips for tall men

  • By Team TDO

Read on for the few tips which shall help you strike that perfect look always!

No more tears for the “trousers”

Trousers for tall men that you get in the market are too ill-fitting. They end up making you look “Too big for your pants”, or “Too thin for your pants”. The easy solution would be to choose a brand for your trousers, after proper research, and stick to it. Your quick checkpoints in this case can be:

  1. Your large thigh areas always make you look humongous. Hence, try to get a good and appropriate fit for your thighs.
  2. A small amount of flare in your lower legs can give you a good look, but that should go well with the texture and look of the trouser.
  3. Last but not the least, avoid loose fitting, or baggy pants. They will just make you look too thin, and tall always.

Scare away the “ shirt” hassles

Have you picked up a T-shirt which lets your waistline be visible, the moment you move your hand a bit? That’s a usual problem every tall guy faces. Try a few of these solutions, and see the results:

  1. If you are a tall and bulky person, then pick up a long double XL T-shirt, fitting you well.
  2. If you are a thin and tall person, then pick up a T-shirt which is long enough for your height, and then get it tailored for the perfect fit.
  3. Polo neck T-shirts can make you look too skinny.
  4. Try to get a formal shirt which fits you well, and is long enough to be worn tucked in. For tall people, tucking in the shirt helps them flaunt their height pretty well.
  5. You can also try and get the formal shirt fitted by a tailor, if you find it too big for your size.

Forget the “Jacket” jeopardy

Jackets and waist coats are the biggest gifts for all the tall guys out there. But how, and what to wear is the major turning point here as well.

  1. Complete your formal look with a waist coat. This shall make you look well built, and compliment your height as well.
  2. Blazers can be an option, for both the formal and informal look. Pick up a blazer which fits your broad shoulders well.
  3. A jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket can be a killer combination. Go for earthy colors, as they give you a more masculine look compared to other colors.

Tipping the “Tie”& Bolting the “Belts”

Try to match the right clothes with the right accessories. Let’s start off with the tie. Now, for tall men, getting a tie will be a pain. Always try the tie you are buying, and see if it comes till your waistline. You should also try to pick up a bit broader ties, as they make your chest look broader. When it comes to belts, try to pick up the big, horizontal buckles. Choose simple, horizontal buckles for the formal wear. For the informal look, however, you can experiment with other big buckles available.


Tall men with long hands and fingers should try to wear a big dial watch. This gives your fingers and arms a bulky look. Choose colors like gray, and black most of the time, as it makes you look more masculine.

So, a few simple steps can make you flaunt your height. As the saying goes:

“Wear your style; do not search for it in the stores. Your attitude is what matters the most to complete your look.”