Self grooming tips for men

  • By Team TDO
  1. Get rid of unnecessary body hair:
    Hair on your ears, back, underarms, or uni-brows does not appeal at all. If you have them, then try and get a hair removing gel or wax away gently. Nose hairs can be trimmed from time to time, so that it’s not visible. Hair in the underarms can either be waxed, or removed by using a razor. Hair on the back can also be removed through proper waxing.
  2. Shave properly:
    Keep a beard if it suits you, but do trim it regularly. If you do not want a beard, but just a moustache, then that requires customary trims as well. Try and keep yourself clean shaven, if you can’t easily manage the styles mentioned above.
  3. Avoid bad breath:
    Bad breath can really get you into trouble, especially during office presentations, client meetings, or even at a date with your girlfriend. Use mouth washes to avoid this problem, and floss after every meal. Mouth fresheners can also come handy, so maintain a regular stock at all times.
  4. Brush regularly:
    Maintain a brush and floss routine twice a day to avoid awkward situations.
  5. Cut and clean your nails:
    Long nails look great on girls, but they are a big turn off in guys. Men need to keep their nails small and trimmed always. Use nail clippers to cut them properly, and cleaners to keep them clean.
  6. Take care of your skin:
    Buy a good sun care and moisturising lotion, and use it always, after a face wash and shower. This shall give you a nice glowing skin.
  7. Exercise regularly:
    A good body can attract everybody’s attention. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly to be active and healthy.
  8. Get rid of body odour:
    Instead of colognes, try using deodorants and talcum powders to get rid of body odour. For underarms, always keep a roll-on with you, and apply it regularly. If the issue persists, then consult a doctor for help.
  9. Wear well fitting clothes:
    Wearing unfit or loose clothes will make you look older than you are. Hence, wear clothes which fit you the best.
  10. Correct your posture:
    While standing, walking, and even sitting, keep a straight back. This shall give u a better posture. You will look more pleasing and charming.

Grooming is not just a thing for women. It is all about looking after yourself. So, read on to know some self grooming tips for men

These were a few tips which can help you look after yourself better, and also give you that much needed edge over others. So, try them out right away!