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Grooming tips for the best man

  • By Team TDO

Well, a best man needs to be very conscious of his looks, attire, and attitude. Your charm should be equivalent to that of the groom. So, if you are the best man for the wedding, get ready for some grooming tips. Here they are:

  1. Look after your skin tone:
    Try to start taking care of your skin at least a month before the wedding. Pick up a face wash best suited for your skin tone. Don’t forget sun tan lotion and a moisturizer for yourself. Try to make it a regular habit of washing your face 2-3 times a day, as that will help you look rejuvenated.
  2. Get rid of the hairy mess:
    Your hair should be well washed, soft and silky on the final day. Try using a dermatologist recommended shampoo and serum, which shall help you get the needed luster instantly. You will need a proper cut as well, before the wedding day.
  3. No unnecessary facial hair:
    Go for a shave before the wedding day. Go for a clean shaved look, or a stubbled look if you can carry it off well. Try to keep the sideburns to bare minimum.
  4. Quick hygiene check:
    Try to keep that shine and luster on teeth for the wedding day. Also, you should trim your finger nails, and keep them clean and tidy. Try and get rid of the unibrows as well.
  5. Choose your suit well:
    Now, you need to decide what kind of suit you want to opt for. You can go in for a “tuxedo” or a “dinner jacket” if it’s evening reception. Right from the color, to the material, everything about the suit needs to be well examined. Black can be a standard color. Other than that, opt for brown or grey.
  6. Shoes and the socks:
    Stick to the conventional style here. Go for a pair of black, simple leather shoes if you have picked up a black suit. Simple black socks will suit all occasions, and your future needs as well.
  7. Accessorize your look:
    Try to get a black tie if your suit demands for it, or else you can even use a bow in its place. A good big dial watch is a must sport that day.
  8. Smell well:
    Try and replace the cologne with the normal men’s deodorant spray. But avoid having a body odor under all circumstances.
  9. Look fresh:
    You can’t afford to look drowsy, or have dark circles for the wedding day. Try face creams and a cup of black coffee, before the wedding.
  10. The Best Man’s speech:
    Well, along with the look, do pay attention to your speech as well. It’s your closest friends or brother’s wedding. Get it right for him, and give the best speech.

So, try to follow few of these, and you will surely be the star of the night!