How to convey your styling needs to the barber

  • By Team TDO

Communicate what you think will suit you at the beginning, and he, in turn, should be able to provide you the same.

Do you just sit meekly in the salon chair and agree to everything that the barber says? Never argue with the man who holds the razor?

Here are some tips on how to convey your styling needs to the barber.

  1. Be informed
    You need to know what haircut you need, or your barber to suggest which shall suit you well. So, before actually going in for a hairdo, try to explain him well what exactly you are looking forward to.
  2. Understand
    You need to first understand what your hair type is. Take the help of your barber as well, and figure it out
  3. Be authentic and original
    Every person’s face structure, skin type is different, and thus, you need to understand only the style that shall suit you the best. Do not try to copy actors, ideals, or anybody else.
  4. Ask for help or do a bit of pre-research
    If you are going for a simple trim, then this is not needed. But in case you need to change your hairstyle completely, try to search for good haircuts online, or in catalogues. If you get nothing in hand, just ask your barber for help..
  5. Ask for additional aids as well
    Just getting a cut may not be enough in few cases. So, ask him for a complete hair care treatment. This can be done before the haircut, so the hair comes out looking more cool and awesome.
  6. Try every means of communication
    If you are not able to describe verbally, then sketch, no matter how bad it is.
  7. Do not take risks
    In case your suggestions and his opinions are not matching, tell him to get the cut you always have had and let him do that for you.
  8. Be aware
    Do not leave everything to your barber and relax. Try and keep a check on where it is going. Keep giving inputs without disturbing him.
  9. Answer the questions correctly
    Listen, understand and then answer your barber’s questions.
  10. Be firm
    If the barber does not seem interested in your inputs, it’s time to walk away and search for a new one!