Tips to make you feel handsome

  • By Team TDO

You must have heard that looking good takes a lot of money and hard work. But trust me, it’s not true at all. You just need to stay confident, and follow few simple and easy tips to get that perfect look.

Let us start off by trying to understand what exactly does handsome mean. Well, a simple definition could be -“being handsome means being confident and having loads of style and poise”. It’s not dependent on somebody’s face, or body specifically.

So, what makes a person handsome? Will his attitude count? Do we need a lot of money to get that look? Let’s answer all such questions in the article.

Personal care: The first for getting a perfect look is to look after yourself well. This shall include:

  1. Hygiene: Personal hygiene is most important. Dental hygiene, managing body odor, cutting your nails on time, removing hair in the underarms, nose, and taking care of overall body hygiene is of utmost importance.
  2. Skin care: Like women, men need to take care of their skin as well. Applying moisturizers or lotions is necessary.
  3. Hair care: Try and wash and shampoo your hair at least twice in a week. You could use natural or artificial conditioners in the hair to make it soft. Get a trim every month, or else they can become too long and unmanageable.

The suave and debonair look: Along with everything else, one needs to take care of one’s facial hair also. Try and avoid the rough and rugged look, and get a good shave for yourself. You can either keep clean shaved look, or maintain a beard which is well trimmed. This will give you an urbane and classy look.

Clothes cabana: One needs to understand that there are some clothes which shall look good on them and others not. Try and determine which shades look good on you. After this, you need to choose your formal and casual wears as well. Take risks, as you cannot guess what will look good on you every single time. The must have checklist is given below:

  1. A pair of good dark blue jeans
  2. A white shirt
  3. A colored T-shirt
  4. Jacket and waist coat
  5. Dinner jacket or tuxedo (whichever suits you)
  6. Pair of black trousers
  7. Sweatshirts
  8. A Full pastel shade sweater

Accessorize your look- You need to pair good clothes with cool embellishments like-

  1. Shoes: Get two different pairs-one leather and the other sports- for formal and informal occasions. The shoes should be buffed with shoe wax regularly, and you can wash off the dirt on your sports shoes once a month, at least.
  2. Belts and Tie: A good and well fitting tie, and a sober choice in belts always adds to the look of the “complete man”.
  3. Watches: A good analog watch is a “must have” on every guy’s wrist.

Work out regimens: Now, work out does not only mean joining a gym, or keeping a personal trainer. You need to just keep your body fit, and that can be done by jogging, yoga, or even daily walks. You can even pick up a sport, for that matter.

Eat healthy: Try to follow a diet regimen which, nowhere, means you need to have nightmarish boiled vegetables only. You just need to avoid eating outside . This shall not only help you look good, but will let you remain young and fit for many years. Once in a week, though, you can easily dig into your favorite foods.

Say no to cigarettes and alcohol: Working out, or eating healthy will never help you get in good shape till you say no to all the bad . Try and quit smoking and drinking, as they affect your health and stamina adversely. Along with that, they also have a very bad effect on your mental health.

Million dollar smile: Try to wear a good and sweet smile, as a straight face might end up making you look unapproachable and arrogant. So, remember, smiling always helps to complete your attire, and style.

Good stance: Wearing all the best outfits might go all in vain if you have a bad body posture. Try to walk and sit straight. Having an erect stance always makes you look more confident, attractive, and masculine.

Wear your confidence and attitude: Lastly, be comfortable and confident with whatever you wear, and however you look. Being confident makes you win half the battle always.

So, what are you waiting for? Start off your preparations, as being handsome does not really require an occasion.