Winter style tips for men

  • By Team TDO

You thought fashion is just for the summer or spring? Well, you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Let us try to understand few simple ways of being fashionable in the winters.

  1. Pullovers and Sweaters: Switching to sweatshirts and jackets is very common these days. Get cool colored sweaters, and cardigans, which go well with your general physique. You can have a perfect fit sweater, or a bit baggy ones as well. Both look good on guys, and give them comfort.
  2. Scarves: Are scarves just meant for girls? Not at all, scarves can be easily wrapped to give you a cool and formal look. Wearing a scarf with your blazer can be good option. If not, then you can team it up with shirts, and jeans.
  3. Mufflers: The best way to protect your neck area from cold, and look stylish is to have muffler in your closet. You can color coordinate them with the sweater, or coat you are wearing. Wrapping it like a tie on your neck is a usual style. You can experiment with the knots, and come up with a new style as well.
  4. Jackets: From denims to leather, everything works well in the winters. You can try the waist length jackets, this winter. Baggy jackets also add a good shape to the body, and give a nice and masculine look. Try getting a “black” and a “brown” one to suit all your attires. As for other colors, try not to indulge much in the brighter shades.
  5. Overcoats: The best part about winter styling are overcoats. A gaudy overcoat, worn on a crisp shirt, can make a fashion statement. And if it is too cold, you could even wear it over your sweater.
  6. Blazers: Blazers can be worn over a semi formal shirt, or teamed up with jeans. Make the look complete by adding a muffler to it.
  7. Gloves: Here you can explore options, and go either for leather gloves, or the usual woolen ones. The leather ones will help you get a better grip, especially when you are riding a bike, or are going out skiing. Stick to the woolen type for more conventional outings.
  8. Socks: Wearing socks with shoes is a necessity always, but in winters, it is inevitable. Try to pal around with funky woolen socks, and pick up as many colors as you can. You can even get a full length, stocking style woolen pair, to keep you really warm. The graphic woolen ones complete your winter look.
  9. Hats: Pick up a hat which goes well with your suits. Try to experiment, but do not choose the cowboy hats, as they will never go well with any of your attires.
  10. Boots: Now you can bring out your old pair of boots from the closet. Pick up colors like black and brown only, as bright colors will be too feminine to wear. You can either go for the leather boots, or the simple ones as well. Pick up a length that goes well with your shirt/T-shirt, and jeans.

So, till the next winters arrive, enjoy the chill in style!!