Hair parting - All you needed to know

  • By Team TDO

Part your hair right, before your hair parts ways with you forever! Here are a few tips on hair parting and how to put the comb to some good use.

What does parting one’s hair means?

Parting one’s hair just means choosing a particular direction for the hair to be brushed or combed at. Hair of any size will have a natural parting, and when the hair grows to a certain size, a change in parting can make a tremendous difference to the way you look.

Are there any factors on which parting of the hair depends?

Well, which is the right parting for one’s hair has only 2 parameters:

  1. Hair style
  2. Facial structure

It requires an understanding of facial structures to know which side parting will give you a better look. So, let’s start understanding different face structures, to determine the perfect part for one.

  1. Round and chubby faces: For faces which are round, a left or right part will do wonders. The middle part, on the other hand, will make them look chubbier. People with thick hair growth can try the middle part. This kind of parting will help give your face a long and sleek look.
  2. Big foreheads: People with big foreheads should go for side parting, and try not to part the hair down in the middle. That might make the entire forehead area prominent. Of course, one has to understand one’s own hairstyle and hair texture, before asking for a specific haircut.
  3. Square faces: For the right, regular ‘square face’, side parts will look good. That is, perhaps, the only parting which can do justice to the face symmetry. Even hair combed or gelled back can look really majestic on a square face. Side parting will soften the somewhat harsh appearance of the square face, and give it an imperial look.
  4. Oval faces: These kinds of faces support all types of parting. So, no matter what the length of your hair is, long, or short oval faces can call any direction home.

How to maintain the hair parting done?

Here are a few simple steps that will help you maintain the side or middle hair partings -

  1. Get rid of the long sideburns: Side parting will always expose one of the cheeks. So, you need to trim your side burns as per the hair cut you are going in for.
  2. Hairspray: A little bit of hairspray after you finish parting the hair, will help to give a great sheen.
  3. Trimming your beard: To make the side parting look better, you need to trim your beard a bit to a proper shape, or get a clean shaven look, to give your hair all the needed attention.

Thus, parting of the hair brings radical changes on your face, in turn making you look good and attractive.