Hats in fashion - What is it with men and hats?

  • By Sanjay Akolkar

Men in hats, all which can be said about them is that they are a dream come true for women across the planet. Men in hats are such objects of desire that they make women swoon and drool, all in one go. They make the women go weak in their knees. Hats seem to leave a profound effect on the men’s overall look. Going out for a short walk or a stroll across the city or going out for a night out with the gang, there is a hat for all occasions.

Celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bollywood Actors Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachan swear by them. One more reason to make the women drool, nothing like seeing their favorite actors wearing hats, making their sexy quotient go up by eons. Such is the magic of a hat. Seeing this, even the commoners try to emulate the celebs.

However, let's face it, hats are not for every man on the planet, some may look good, but others may not. So let's find out how to find the perfect hat and what are the types that may make you look smolderingly hot and sexy.

As told earlier, hats are not for everyone, some men look cool and sexy in it, while some may look like dorks in it. So, it is necessary to find the right kind of hat for your facial structure, not trying to sound shallow or vain, but the color of your skin also kind of matters to a certain level. There are various types of hats out there that would make men swoon and women go crazy. There are over 50 varieties of hats, but here are some of the most popular ones. Let’s look at the type of hats available.

  1. Boater hat :
    More commonly known as the straw hat, it is a formal hat that is mainly worn in the summer. It is supposedly made by using straws and it has a flat crown and brim. These hats were made famous in the 19th century and are notorious for being used by the men in FBI.

  2. Cowboy hat :
    The quintessential hat of the “North American Cowboy.” These hats are generally high crowned and wide-brimmed. These hats are also often associated the wild west movies featuring Clint Eastwood as a hot and sexy cowboy of the "Wild-Wild West."
  3. Chupalla :
    It is another type of hat that is made up of straw. This hat is more popular in the Spanish culture. This hat can be commonly found in Chile. Chupalla is generally used by the Chilean Rodeos.
  4. Homburg :
    A formal felt hat, it is known for having a single dent running down right to the center of the crown. This hat is also famous for being used by Al Pacino in the famous mafia movie "The Godfather."
  5. Flat Cap :
    More commonly known as the "paddy or scally cap," is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in the front. This cap is generally made out of wool, tweed, or cotton.
  6. Fedora :
    A hat that is known for being pinched near the front on both of its sides. Fedoras are generally creased length wise down to the crown. Fedoras were made popular through the Indiana Jones movie franchise and were often worn by none other than the "king of pop," Michael Jackson.
  7. Panama hat :
    Another popular one in the line of straw hats, a "Panama Hat" is a brimmed straw hat and has its origins in Ecuador. These hats are known to be extremely light weight and breathable, providing comfort of great lengths to the user.

After looking at these types of hats, men are sure to have a field day shopping for hats, not only that but the ladies to will have their deepest fantasies of seeing their "men in hats" fulfilled.