Antibiotic abuse: why does it happen?

  • By Team TDO

The different causes of antibiotic overuse are:

  • Increased antimicrobial use in the community and hospital
  • Increase in empiric antibiotics
  • Prolonged and broad-spectrum antibiotic courses
  • Repeated antibiotic courses
  • Prolonged Hospitalizations
  • Severely ill patient status
  • Immuno-compromised state
  • Increased use of intravascular devices and catheters
  • Inadequate infection control procedures
  • Antibiotic use in animals and agriculture

How to overcome this problem:

  • Use narrow spectrum antibiotics or older antibiotics.
  • Shorter duration of therapy when appropriate.
  • Manipulate the dose of antibiotics.
  • Educate people to use fewer antibiotics.
  • Focus more on prevention rather than using antibiotics.