Addicted to addictions

  • By Team TDO

On the face of it, workaholism and alcoholism are very different – the latter being dangerous to one’s health. The only thing that sets them apart is the hazard factor. Substance abuse like alcohol, crack, heroin or cocaine is considered to be hardcore addiction. Here, both the body and mind are in danger. Sexual deviations and nymphomania are also considered part of the hardcore category.

Soft addictions include activities like compulsive gambling or internet chatting, where the body may not be under any direct threat. This category also requires special therapy or counseling.

The rest, like workaholism, online gaming, and lottery are in the third category.

In an online article titled, ‘The addictive personality’, Bryce Nelson writes that there is a common thread or behavioral pattern, which is common to all three types of addictions:

  1. Impulsive behavior, difficulty in delaying gratification, an antisocial personality and a disposition towards sensation seeking.
  2. A high value on nonconformity, combined with a weak commitment to the goals for achievement as valued by the society.
  3. A sense of social alienation and a general tolerance for deviance.

These qualities may vary according to individual natures, but Nelson is sure that certain people are pre-disposed towards addictions. Exactly what the nature of the addiction is going to be will then depend on other personality traits, and cultural and familial environment the person grows up in.