The top five addictions

  • By Team TDO

Addictions are mainly of two types – substance addiction and mental or non-material addictions, which may not cause any physical anguish. Learn about the most common and most disruptive addictions in life in the points mentioned below.

Tobacco: Tobacco holds the top slot in the addictions list. Tobacco in whatever form; chewable, cigarettes or pipe, contains nicotine and a spate of other chemicals, which cause serious health problems like lung cancer, mouth cancer and heart disease. This is probably the most portable and easily available substance, and nicotine which acts as a stimulant, has a calming effect on the brain. But, as the levels of nicotine in blood drop, the pleasant feeling begins to wear off and the person craves for more. As the nervous system gets used to nicotine, more tobacco is needed to get the same pleasant feeling. Stopping consumption then leads to irritation and an edgy feeling. This is why it is so difficult to give up. Only after a couple of weeks of quitting, the body starts repairing the damage caused, which is an incentive to the smoker to stay clean. Withdrawal symptoms can remain for weeks together, but they get better day-by-day as one stays tobacco-free.

Alcohol: The demon named alcohol is also a favorite amongst substance abusers. This liquid fire is also quite habit-forming and destructive for the mind, body and soul. Alcohol is the main reason for causing liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, mental health issues, accidents and broken families. Alcohol has probably been used since pre-historic times for recreation, enjoyment, rituals and even for medicinal purposes (only in small doses).

Gambling: This is a non-substance addiction, but can cause just as much harm as cocaine or amphetamines. Gambling or betting, is a regular addiction which lures, entices and attracts the addict in the form of casino games, card games, slot machines, wagers, dog racing, and horse racing. The dream of hitting the jackpot or big wins is what makes the gambling addict lose his fortune, as he cannot stop until he has blown up his entire betting money. He can then amass debts, which are quite disproportionate to his ability to repay. Compulsive gambling is recognized as a disorder and can be treated through counseling and psychotherapy.

Television: The idiot box contributes a lot to sedentary lifestyle. The TV bombards the consumer with hundreds of forms of entertainment. It is undoubtedly a powerful instrument for information and entertainment, but TV addicts find it difficult to give up their soap opera time for anything else. The rest of the world, therefore, has to adjust their schedules according to the TV addict’s TV schedule. Too much TV time and close viewing can cause damage to the eyes. Recent studies have shown that sudden flickering advertisements can lead to attention deficit and hyperactivity.

Porn addiction: Porn addicts are those who excessively indulge in viewing or reading sexually explicit material, like porn films or magazines, either on the internet or on DVD. Sex is a powerful stimulant, and in porn where the sexual act is depicted graphically, it can provide a great escape from normal life. Though in moderation, porn can actually help a person vent his sexual desires, it can have serious consequences on a person in the form of a wraped sexual behavior. Besides this, absorption of excessive porn also causes a person to neglect work and home.