Porn is linked to depression

  • By Team TDO

Pornography is that multi -billion dollar industry that exhausts all possibilities regarding sex. Truly, anything that can be done with anyone, in whatever position is what porn portrays through stories, blogs, photographs, films and web sites. Internet porn has taken over in the last decade with free downloadable porn attracting millions in its erotic grip.

Internet porn now has a new link- Clinical Depression.

While everyone has instant access to pornography thanks to 4 G, free downloads and mobile internet, not everyone assiduously downloads 100 gbs of porn every month. Not everyone wakes up to watching group sex and fetish web sites. Not everyone gets irritable if their access to porn is cut off.

Yes there is definitely a link between pornography and depression. People with low self-esteem of either gender are more likely to satisfy their sexual urges through pornography. Though it is rather difficult to gauge whether pornography causes depression, it is an absolute fact that people who are addicted to porn are most likely to be depressed or could be suffering from social anxiety disorder.

The manner in which sex is depicted in porn where every human’s most ardently held secret wish or sexual desire can be seen performed on screen is the beauty of pornography. In real life there are things like competition, social norms, customs and monogamy. There are some people who have difficulty forming relationships with the opposite sex or same sex ( Depending on the orientation) again there are some who might feel the need to explore their sexual potential but are unable to do so for some reason. These are just the sexual aspects which cause porn addiction. The non sexual reasons could be a lack of self esteem, loneliness, failed relationships etc.

Depression and addiction go hand in hand. This is especially true of addiction to internet pornography. Pornography addiction supports the many symptoms of depression. One of the core beliefs of a porn addict is: I am an unworthy person (Carnes, Demonico & Griffin, 2001)

These porn addicts tend to isolate themselves from society. Even if it isn’t complete reclusive behavior , the porn addict tends to hide his addiction successfully and has difficulty concentrating on little else then live in his/her sexual fantasy world through compulsive masturbation or sometimes through bizarre rituals. As a consequence work, health, finances and relationships suffer, which could make the already existing depression a great deal worse. The porn addict could also indulge in dangerous behavior to fulfill his fantasies like engaging in sex with strangers or in extreme cases molesting minors.

Pornography is much like alcohol. It seems to blot out all the painful areas and enhances the pleasure receptors in the brain. Thus the craving for more and more pleasure especially since real life is not up to scratch.

Treatment Options

The line of treatment for the porn addict will be along the lines of depression. Medication for depression and anxiety is also prescribed to the porn addict. A therapist can help ease the struggle with the addiction with coping strategies. Porn addiction can cause discomfort especially when the supply is cut off or they are no longer able to access their ready fix. The porn addict has to wake up to the reality that in real life people of the opposite sex are not as picture perfect as depicted in porn and neither as promiscuous and bed ready! As the focus shifts back to reality the porn addict then gradually gets comfortable adjusting to real life ad porn may then be secondary or non-existent. The struggle to go off pornography however is not as pleasurable as its viewing.

For a comprehensive explanation reported by ex-porn users see: Porn, Masturbation and Mojo: A Neuroscience Perspective