When the dreams get wet

  • By Team TDO

Nightfall, commonly known as nocturnal emissions or wet dreams, is the spontaneous discharge of semen during sleep.This discharge or ejaculation may or may not be accompanied by an orgasm. Nightfall generally occurs after the onset of puberty and can occur in early adulthood as well.

A vivid sexual or wet dream imagery is experienced which causes the ejaculation. Opinions are divided sharply as regards the hazards of this phenomenon.

Nightfall is a natural mechanism to rid the body of excess semen when there is no natural outlet, that is masturbation or sexual intercourse. As such there is no danger to the body, but if it happens on a regular basis (more than 15 episodes in a month), then it could be because of a hormonal disorder, which needs medical intervention.

Excessive nocturnal emissions can sometimes affect an individual adversely resulting in diminished confidence, feeling of guilt and shame, and low sperm concentration.

Here are some home remedies which could help avoid nightfall:

  1. Eat at least two bowls of curds before bedtime. Yoghurt contains natural minerals which can cause restful sleep and slowly reduce emissions.
  2. Include gooseberry jam in your diet.
  3. Pomegranate and Indian gooseberry can help reduce nocturnal emissions significantly.

Take supplements of vitamins C, E and B12, or have foods rich in these vitamins, as they aid in maintaining overall health, and also make your semen dense and increase sperm production.