Safe sex tips

  • By Team TDO

In today’s world unfortunately, teenagers are losing their virginity very young. Teenage is an age where they do not have any idea about safe sex, how to protect themselves from the unwanted consequences of sex. This is the reason why teenage love-making, instead of being beautiful and fulfilling, leads to disasters.

Risks of unsafe sex:

  1. Unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Venereal diseases (such as gonorrhoea and syphilis).
  3. Other sexually transmitted infections (herpes, pubic lice, viral warts and Chlamydia).
  4. AIDS
  5. Cervix cancer
  6. Female infertility

Safe sex:

  1. The safest form of sex is masturbation. All sexual activities with a partner carry some risk.
  2. Petting with mouth: This can pass on infections like gonorrhoea, syphilis and herpes. But it cannot get you pregnant. So this is bit less risky.
  3. Condoms: Condom use during sexual intercourse is always necessary. There is male as well as female condom. It should be worn throughout the entire act of sexual intercourse.
  4. Other 'barrier methods' of contraception: Diaphragm or cap, offer little protection against transmission of infection.
  5. Alcohol and other drugs: Sex when you are drunk is very risky, as you might be tempted to ignore safety measures in your inebriated hurriedness and wanting to “get on with it”. Most of the people who practice safe sex otherwise would become pregnant, or get infected with sexually transmitted disease by having unprotected sex while drunk.
  6. Few recreational drugs lower your resistance, making you vulnerable to run into sexual trouble.
  7. Rise in Drink Spiking: It is the practice in which males slip a drug into the glass, so that females cannot resist sex. So it is important for the females to be aware of drink-spiking.

Four ultimate sex tips to remember:

  1. Do not go for casual sex.
  2. Use of contraception is important to prevent pregnancy.
  3. Always use condom throughout the sexual act, if your partner not faithful or regular.
  4. Avoid sex when you are drunk.