Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love!

  • By Dr. Neha Agrawal


If heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer were not enough to scare you, sugar has found a new target.

A pack of fries, a burger, a cupcake and a cola drink – dinner is done. That’s a lot of carbohydrates for a meal and it is ultimately sugar that ends up getting accumulated in the body.

It is amusing how all the sweet adjectives are associated with love – sweetie, sweetheart, cupcake, muffin, honey, pumpkin, and many more. Love is the epitome of sweetness. However, be careful, don’t have a lot of sweets in your diet. The results may not be good for your love life.

Sugar is dangerous for the body in several ways. It has been linked with heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, skin disorders, depression and cancer. Sugar is a white devil and quite ambitious with its hit list. Recent researches have found a new target, a soft one – the sex hormones.

What, Why and How?

Sugar in increased quantities goes unused. More so, if the physical activity is not in the same proportion as consumption. What happens when there is excess food in your kitchen? You pack it in such a way that it can be stored for long and put it in air-tight containers for future use. Imagine what would happen if you go on buying excess food and storing it. There won’t be an opportunity to use the stored items.

Excess sugar intake does the same to your body. Our cellular system is much more intelligent than we are. We eat because the tongue wants us to. However, the cells use only as much as they need. They don’t have a tongue, you see!

Now, if the body has to store something extra, how would it do this? The unwanted happens!
Extra sugar gets converted to fat cells, also called as lipids.

You are becoming fat. This is not the end. Wait, there is more.

Do not ignore the vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. They could be indicative of impending diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can lead to sexual problems. Diabetes can harm the blood vessels and nerves of sex organs leading to diminished sensation potentially making orgasm difficult.

Impotence as a complication of diabetes is common among men and about one-third of diabetic women show some type of sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in men is closely related to high blood sugar levels. Men suffering from diabetes have difficulties with normal erections. Diabetic males are three times more likely to get ED and that too, earlier in life. This is a big damage to sex life.

Recurrent vaginal infections in females not responding to treatment can be indicative of diabetes.

Fat Inside

These lipid cells don’t just make you grow horizontally, they are up to their own unique antics inside the body. These fatsos spot your sex hormones and punch them hard. It is not specific to any gender. If you are a man, your testosterone is at the bull’s eye. If you are a woman, your oestrogen is in danger. The fat cells initiate a mechanism that affects a particular gene and in turn, this gene suppresses the activity of sex hormones.

The outcome is reduced sex drive and performance. So, next time you are trying to fight a temptation for a bar of chocolate, you know what to think of.

Fat Outside

Being out of shape is a definite killer. It affects your mind also. A good friend, Zui, is beautiful but a bit plump. Her self-confidence has taken a hit. She is always dressed in loose dull clothing and is hiding behind others in parties.

It is needless to tell you what happens to her love life. Worried about looking funny, ashamed about her body, awkward about her desires, she is unable to express herself.

While the solution here is loving oneself and not weight loss alone, we need to understand that the extra pounds do affect our self-esteem. Why land yourself in such a situation? Better to watch your plate beforehand.

Devastating, isn’t it? So, next time if you are not ‘in the mood for it’, please think of what you are eating. May be the sweetness is too much for the love.

If you are in love and want to cherish it, please let all the sugar flow in your emotions and bond. Keep the sweet in food restricted.