During pregnancy, you can be carrying hypertension too

  • By Team TDO

High blood pressure during pregnancy is called as gestational hypertension. It cannot be felt because there are no symptoms to hypertension but BP readings can reflect the severity as follows:

  1. Mild high BP is a diastolic pressure between 90 and 99.
  2. Moderate high BP is a diastolic pressure between 100 and 109.
  3. Severe high BP is a diastolic pressure above 110.

A slight rise is in diastolic pressure is not much harmful; however, if systolic levels shoot above 160, it is a reason to worry. High BP harms the maternal organs and leads to low birth weight or preterm delivery. It may trigger pre-eclampsia when it gets severe.

The cause or causes of gestational hypertension are a little unclear but blood flow to organs such as the placenta, kidneys, brain and liver may be affected due to high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Gestational hypertension increases risk of complications like intrauterine growth restriction, preterm birth, placental abruption and still birth. Early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension is important. Make sure to monitor blood pressure every time you go for a prenatal visit.