Exercises for new moms

  • By Team TDO

New moms are busy 24/7 caring for their babies. It’s easy to forget that their body needs care as well. Though the mother’s schedule is pretty much determined by the baby, she has to take out some time for physical exercise.These exercises are crucial to help the mother get back in shape again, recover quickly and stay fit.

What is the right time to start exercising?

The right time to start exercising depends on your fitness level before and during pregnancy. Women who exercised during pregnancy till the end can do light exercise and stretching from the beginning.

Those who stopped exercising during pregnancy or haven’t exercised and want to be fit now, should start exercising gradually. Talk to your doctor before you start. Do not start immediately; the most important thing is rest. Let the doctor make sure that you are healing well after delivery and take his permission before starting any exercise.

Which exercises are recommended for new moms?

Walking: It is said that all great thoughts come to you while walking. It is the most convenient method of staying fit after bearing a child. Walking in parks or on the green pads, with bare foot is soothing and gives you fresh air that will help you stay relaxed.

Yoga: Yoga is recommended for new moms to not only strengthen the muscles, but also to relax your depression and stress post-delivery. Joining a yoga class may also give you an opportunity to interact with other moms and share your experiences and challenges after delivery.

Aerobic dance: You can also groove along to music by doing aerobic dance. It is an enjoyable and energetic way to get fit. Start by walking in place to the music to warm up. If you do not know any dance moves, you can jog in one place, jump forward and backward, hop on one foot and then on the other, and do jumping jacks. Put them all together in a sequence that you can repeat. Or, you can join a class and do it under the guidance of an aerobics instructor.

Cycling: Time to go back to your childhood when you used to cycle to your school/college. Cycling is a simple and entertaining exercise to adopt after pregnancy to stay fit and be in shape. This should not be started early.

Swimming: New mothers can start swimming after vaginal bleeding and discharge have stopped.

Things to remember while exercising

  1. Get a comfortable and appropriate bra that supports your breasts.
  2. Always consult a doctor before you start with any exercise program.
  3. Don’t continue any exercise if it hurts you.
  4. Try physical activities you can do with your baby, such as walking.
  5. If you have had an episiotomy (stitches), make sure you can walk or sit comfortably before you begin exercise that is more vigorous.
  6. During the first six weeks, do only low to moderate intensity exercise.
  7. If you had a caesarian section, you will need to wait for at least 10 weeks for your stitches to heal before you do physical activities that use your abdominal muscles to a great extent (such as rowing or skiing).
  8. Delay exercises in case of backache, pelvic pain, urine leak during exercise, coughing and sneezing, and if you find exercise difficult or painful.