Super healthy - Super moms

  • By Team TDO

But being busy playing super-mom isn’t reason enough to let your health take a backseat.

Here are a few simple tips to keep you always charged and on the go.

  1. Always make “ME’ Time- You need to place yourself on top of your list of priorities. Make a conscious effort to do so or else it will most certainly be neglected. When you plan your activities for the day, carve out a 30 minute time for yourself and use the time to do what you like. A phone chat with your friends, a manicure, a book or simply a peaceful undisturbed bubble bath. Do anything that will relax you. It will recharge your batteries and help you cope with the pressures easily.
  2. Exercise- You need to exercise every day. That is an established fact. How you make time for it is completely in your hands. Do simple things like using the stairs instead of escalators at the mall, stretching a bit before you get up in the morning, walking to places instead of using the car, look out for opportunities that will give a chance to stretch your limbs and get the blood pumping.
  3. Breathe- Being a super mom means running around doing things round the clock. Stop. Breathe deep. Reset your priorities. It is perfectly okay if you don’t do everything. If you are not able to, forcing yourself to accomplish everything will only take a toll on you!
  4. Snack healthy- You require all the energy you can stomach in order to play the role of a super mom. This means you need to be snacking all the time. Do not eat for eating’s sake. Instead, plan your snacking with healthy stuff like fruits, nuts, milk, etc. keep them handy so that you don’t unnecessarily reach out to junk food.
  5. Drink lots of water- All the running around will surely make you exhausted and dehydrated. Replenish yourself with lots of water. A simple rule is that you need to drink half of your body weight in ounces, so all you have to do is to keep sipping throughout the day. However take care not to overdo the coffee and sodas; they give you instant energy and then leave you feeling even more drained out than before.
  6. Never skip breakfast- Mornings may be the most rushed in the entire day. But that is no excuse to skip breakfast as it’s the most important meal in the day. It kick-starts the metabolism and keeps you in top working condition. Remember to have some form of protein in your daily breakfast.
  7. Let out your frustrations- During the course of the day there may be several issues that bother you, irritate you and bring out the worst in you. There is no reason to keep it all bottled up inside. You may call a friend and pour it all out or vent out your feelings through an intense workout. If you let it out, it will make you feel fresher and happier.

Always remember that no one is perfect. Being a super-mom means living up to high expectations, but do not let that bog you down!