Back to office post maternity leave

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

While you did the same work until a couple of months back, after you’ve had a new born, any other work seems most difficult to handle With the birth of the baby, the responsibilities at home increase quite a bit and your emotional attachment to the baby tugs you towards home when you are away. However, if you do have to start working again, then, you have to get over these emotions and the issues that can come between you working and taking care of the baby at the same time.

What to do before you get back to work?

While your maternity leave is still to end, you can start working at home making a successful return to your professional life.

Handling the emotional conflict: The last couple of months, it has been only you and your baby. That is why, when you have to leave the baby suddenly for a whole day in someone else’s care, you start feeling emotionally drained. You even start feeling guilty of leaving your baby so that you can pursue your career goals. Always remember that working outside does not mean that you are a bad mother. The opportunities and monetary benefits the job offers are ultimately going to come in favor of your child through you. After all, you are doing this not only for yourself, but also for your family. Having successful parents helps kids in the end to become positive individuals.

Get a dependable child care: You can opt for local child care services or make other arrangements to take care of your child. Many mothers look for a midwife or a child care assistant before the baby is born and let her continue during the initial months. This helps the baby to adjust to the midwife, making your transition back to work easier. You can also look for qualified caregivers who offer child care services in a safe environment.

Get your duties cleared: It may take some time to get back to your old self and hence you should talk to your employer regarding your workload and job duties after resuming work. You can check whether certain facilities such as part time work, telecommuting or flexible working schedules are available for you.

Continuing breast-feeding: If your baby is on breastfeed, schedule your day according to the baby’s milk requirement. You should inform your employer well in advance that you will be taking regular breaks all through the day to pump out the milk. Rent an electric pump or buy it so that you can pump milk simultaneously and save time. Ask your employer for a private and clean room where you can carry out your activity. It is advisable to try practicing these two weeks prior to joining office so that your baby adapts to the bottle-feeding of stored breast milk.

Setting up a date: Do not keep the decision of going back to work lingering. Set up a fixed date so that you can start preparing yourself in advance, making it an easier transition when you do resume work.

Working mothers have to face many challenges but with careful planning beforehand, your transition back to work can be a smooth one.
Above all stay positive and eventually you and your baby will adjust to this new routine.