Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me how to fix my faults

  • By Team TDO

Women love to spend time in front of the mirror. A stroke of blush here, a dash of mascara there, some lipstick, then evaluation and then redoing it! Forget men, dogs and diamonds, mirror is a woman’s best friend.

“The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty” ― Sophia Nam

When you look at the mirror next time, watch out for any signs of an impending trouble.

Ageing lines: Ageing lines are pre-cursors to wrinkles. But maybe your skin is ageing faster than you are! Premature ageing can be easily avoided with minor correction in the lifestyles. Watch out for these fine lines, furrows, and easy wrinkling. Keep your skin well hydrated, cut out the stress from your life, exercise and eat healthy.

Dark circles: Don’t let those beautiful eyes be shadowed behind the dark circles. Dark circles mean you are either not sleeping well or not eating well. Keep your peace of mind on the priority and see those dark circles vanishing away.

Bald spots: Stress, illness, pollution or change of location, any of these could be causing hair fall in big chunks. It could be hormonal or due to lifestyle or owing to dietary insufficiencies. Whatever be the culprit, don’t fall in the hair fall trap. Losing hair is a normal process and it should not worry you in the routine. However, if the hair fall is excessive and you can see the skin of your scalp clearly or you notice patches with thin hair, it is time for action.

Shape of nose: If you are prone to frequent episodes of cold and flu, watch the shape of your nose. If the nasal bridge is not straight or you notice enlargement of the nostrils, this could be reason behind your frequent sinusitis and cold. See a doctor.

Skin tone: Hard work takes a toll on your skin. Sun exposure, dust, pollution, inadequate sleep, random eating habits and stress make your skin dull and patchy. If your diet lacks any nutritive elements, it will show on your face. Healthy skin radiates. The color doesn’t matter but the shine does. Excessive greasiness or oiliness is unhealthy, as is dryness and cracked lips.

This is only to create awareness and to motivate you to be a bit more attentive to yourself. Attend to these little signs only if you want to. None of these can affect your beauty, for you are beautiful inside and out, with or without the wrinkles. After all, they say, wrinkles go only where smiles have been.