Weight loss tips for teenage girls

  • By Team TDO

As a teenage girl you truly have a lot to contend with. After all, in just about 8-9 odd years of teenagehood you do want to take on the world with your ‘Miley Cyrus’ kind of look and come on, we know a ‘Justin Bieber’ at this stage wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Whew! That’s quite a tough task. And it’d be a darn sight easier if only you didn’t have to lug so much of baby fat about, right?


All of 15 and worried about whether the world likes you or accepts you? All because of the F word –FAT! Worry never did a fat girl any good. Here are some common sense tips that can take the fat off you.

“How to lose that extra weight before I turn 17 and old?” This is what runs through most teenage girls’ minds, never mind if it is justified or not. So are you one of those girls who has a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) for your height and still worry yourself to death that you qualify for the “Miss Really Fat” title? And then again you could really have weight problems or those extra pounds you carried over from your childhood in to teenagehood right? Well never mind, here’s how you can deal with it.

Flirt with Exercise…It can be a lifelong companion!

Ok we all know how lousy it feels not to be asked out for the Spring Queen ball. Worst still it is that beautiful slender classmate of yours, who gets all the attention. So you suspect that your slightly chubby cheeks which played foul. Ok now run for it. Exercise. Any exercise will help you lose that weight and give you the pinkest glow of health on your face. If you have a few extra pounds, then worrying about it won’t make them go away would it? So put on your running shoes and just begin. Short laps in your backyard or cross country running - it’s your choice. Just start slowly like 15- 20 minutes the first week and then slowly build it up. You can have a choice of either skipping after your jog/run or alternating days with bicycling and other such aerobic exercises. Running, cycling, swimming, cross country jogs are great ways to lose fat around the tummy, buttocks, hips and the tone that you get after a regular work out is heavenly. Plus, it will help keep the temper in check and the more you exercise the more you realize that you react positively to events and hey, even the mirror likes you. So what if the Spring Ball is another year away…put the spring in your step and run like the wind!
Eat right, right away

As a teenager you do exercise your right to a mouth. And boy, do you take that seriously. TV is your staple diet right? Needless to say, those packets of potato chips and cola bottles, which you guzzle away while watching American Idol. Ok so chips, soda and candy are your thing, eh? What if we tell you this is exactly what you shouldn’t do? Ok so we sound like your mum. Well we will rephrase it. What if we told you that this is exactly that is going to keep you fat. All the cola that you drink contains empty calories which all add up to pounds soon enough. You could set an example of being Miss Teen Perfect by eliminating junk food altogether from your diet. How boring would that be! Well, ok so you don’t want to be Miss Teen Perfect. So cut down on these things, especially the soda part and you still have a fighting chance. Drink about 8 glasses of pure aqua and that coupled with exercise should soon see your hair and skin shine and put the most agreeable pink to your cheeks. Not altogether a bad idea right? And the price is comparatively cheap. Just thrash the junk! Slam Dunk!

Don’t peer at them…Peer Pressure

It does a fat lot of good to get a lot of negative feedback from peers. It is enough to keep any teenage girl lock herself the entire stretch of her teenage. Just when you feel good about yourself there comes a nasty comment from one of your girl friends about how good you would have looked IF…that BIG IF! So which means everything isn’t well with you at the moment. Learn to take criticism on the chin or shin. You don’t have to stop liking yourself just because that doesn’t fit into somebody else’s idea of you. So if you are comfortable with your weight and are healthy otherwise, do nothing to change it. It isn’t a law which says only Miss Perfect Weight has a right to be happy and such silly stuff. Yes excess weight for your height can be problematic later on and it’s only right to exercise regularly, but not at the cost of what you feel is right. Attitude gets altitude so throw your teeny head high up and face the world.

Crash Diets and the Teenage girl

Well, fashion has its ways of extracting its pound of flesh from you know where! Yeah right out of you and the price that you pay is simply not worth it. When you read or hear of your favorite idols going on a skimpy or no diet to get that hour glass figure, never forget that they might be hours away from illness too! Yes crash diets can make you anorexic and very seriously ill indeed. So always consult your nutritionist, and good old granny or anyone with a bit of sense before you embark down that road to diet track. Diet coke can do! Crazy diets cannot do!