What is zumba?

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

Zumba is a Columbian word that means to have fun while moving fast. You experience the same pleasure when you start doing Zumba exercises. The routine of this exercise form is based on the upbeat Latin music on which the cardiovascular exercises are developed. Zumba is a form of aerobic dancing that is very easy to learn and gives you lot of fun.

Zumba is the most popular exercise routine that is based on the steps of Latin music and makes exercising more fun and exciting.

Who Started Zumba?

Inventions and discoveries can happen anytime and are not predictable. Similarly, Alberto Beto Perez, a Colombian trainer, evolved Zumba, the fitness program by mistake. Beto used to take exercise classes as a trainer during the mid-90. One day he forgot to carry along his regular music for aerobic routine. With no music, the class would have to be cancelled. Instead, he ran back to his car and came up with a Latin dance music tape that he had since long. Instantaneously, he came up with some easy dancing steps that could match the Rumba and Merengue dance numbers and lead the way for the pupils to follow. Beto used to be a choreographer in salsa clubs earlier and he put in all his experience and skill to make this form of exercise fun for his pupils. Soon the steps and the whole form of dancing-exercising became a hit and Rumbacize evolved. When Beto shifted to Miami later on in 1999, he branded the fitness routine as Zumba and turned it into global fitness franchise.

Zumba and Weight Loss

Zumba is one of the best fitness routines around as it is a blend of resistance training and cardio intervals. According to health experts, an exercise routine that has a good combination of resistance and interval training leads to rapid fat burning, maximum calorie output and complete body toning. The movements in Zumba are highly effective in sculpting your body, are full of fun and easy to follow. The major problem with exercise is that people do not feel motivated to do it. But Zumba is artistic and exciting and you rather look forward to exercising longer, doing more Zumba steps and burning more calories each session.

The Combinations in Zumba

Generally, one session of Zumba is of one hour and all through this hour you are made to perform different dance styles such as mambo, salsa, cumbia, meringue, flamenco, rumba, reaggaeton, salasaton and calypso. The most important feature of a Latin dance is a good combination of slow and fast rhythm, which turns into extracting the best of both-resistance and interval training. Sometimes the trainer may also include hip-hop dancing or belly dancing.

Should you opt for Zumba?

If exercising bores you and you’re looking for a motivating routine that includes high energy exercising, music and a good combination of dancing and unique exercise moves, you should surely opt for Zumba. You can join a class or even purchase a Zumba DVD that is easily available online or your nearest fitness store.