Different perfumes for personality types

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

‘A Woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting’ – Christian Dior.

  1. Party girl: If you are a party person, then go for perfumes that have a fruity or flowery blend. It will add to your charm.
  2. Traveler: If you love traveling, then go for lavender and citrus perfumes. They help you stay fresh, and rejuvenated through the day.
  3. The multi-tasking mother: If you are a career woman cum home manager, then go for non-fussy fragrances that will compliment your pace. Avoid oriental scents that may be quite arousing.
  4. The typical girl- If you are the girl who loves to dress up and is a hopeless romantic, then floral perfumes are the ones that will compliment you the best.
  5. The Fresh girl: If you exuberate freshness and energy, then Clean citrus fragrances are what you should opt for.
  6. The femme fatale: If you have the charisma of a Femme Fatale, then arousing oriental scents are what you should wear. Always exotic, the perfume will add to your mystique and enigma.
  7. The venus girl: If you are down-to-earth and friendly, with a bohemian streak, the woody fragrances will suit you the best. It will add to your aura of being mature, and enhance your charm.