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Does running after kids count as exercise?

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

Children are highly active and are up to something every moment while they are awake, they rest only when they are asleep. A mother of a toddler or any child who is below the age of 5, has a hard time keeping up with the schedules of her child and running after them lest they fall and get hurt. Mothers are so busy caring for their child that they hardly find time to care for themselves. One positive aspect of this ‘running after’ routine is that the kids keep you active all through the day, which is necessary if you want to lose post-pregnancy flab, but can you really count this running after the kids as good as an exercise?

Taking Inspiration from Kids

Even though this ‘running after’ cannot be termed as an exercise it itself, if this keeps you on your feet most of the day, it surely helps you lose some weight. However, there are other advantages of watching your kids do different activities.

Have you seen your child running everywhere without any fear of falling or how freely they dance and scale scary heights without being afraid? They carry these activities effortlessly and enjoy them.

As you grow into adults, you stop enjoying things and are more conscious about what others would think. In the process, you perform all the exercises in a monotonous way without really enjoying them. That is the reason why you don’t get good results despite heavy exercises.

Here are some exercises that you can include in your daily routine while you are taking care of your kids.

Chi Running

This is a free running style that ensures minimal injury and makes you run in a natural way without any inhibitions. It is inspired from the way a child keeps on running freely without any baggage. If you keep on running with the kids all the day through, you are sure to get enough exercise; however, you cannot match their activeness and sometimes you simply watch them sprinting. Start doing Chi running and move your body along with your kid with a joyful exuberance. It is the amount of energy you put into the running that is going to make you lose calories.


Kids keep on bouncing up and down. Trampoline is the revival of this same activity and helps you enormously to stay fit.

A study in NASA has revealed that 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is equal to running for 30 minutes. Moreover, this exercise strengthens your legs, core muscles, and hips and pumps your blood, keeping you energized all through the day.


Skipping the rope is another common activity that the children love to do. If you join them for 10 to 15 minutes every day, you could surely burn a few extra calories. Skipping rope improves your overall fitness, increases heart rate, and encourages agility. Have a good competition of rope skipping with your kids occasionally and enjoy the benefit of overall fitness this simple exercise offers.

You can try many simple kids exercise such as hula-hoop, dancing, and frame climbing to stay fit and lean.