Your trip to the toilet may be more revealing than you think

  • By Team TDO

Urine is a topic that most people squirm when talking about, but at times it can be a very accurate indicator of the body’s health.

The urine is an excretory product, the body’s way of throwing out the waste after absorbing all that it needs. The normal urine is pale yellow in color, odorless and clear in consistency.

Urine, for hundreds of years, has been one of the ways physicians all over the world have been looking at health. Changes in the urine - its color, odor, and consistency - can provide important clues about the status of your body. Your urine can reveal what you've been eating, how much you've been drinking, and what diseases you have.

What to look for:

  1. Dark Coloured Urine: This indicates that you are not drinking water.
  2. Dark yellow coloured urine: Shows the possibilities of liver disease especially jaundice.
  3. Red urine: This is indicative of blood in the urine pointing towards serious issues like kidney diseases and cancer.
  4. Bright yellow urine: This could be due to the excretion of medicines in the urine like vitamin B complex supplements.
  5. Pungent odour of urine: Could indicate you have some infection. Vitamin B gives the odour too.
  6. Sweet smelling urine: Seen in diabetics due to excess sugar.
  7. Change in odour of the urine can also be due to certain foods that you may have consumed.
  8. Increased frequency of urination: This could mean a host of problems ranging from metabolic disorders like diabetes, neurological disorders like parkinsonism, loss of bladder control, prostrate hypertrophy to urinary tract infection.
  9. Burning urination: Burning urination accompanied with chills and fever is the hallmark of urinary tract infections.

Thus, color, smell, sensation and frequency of urination indicate what's going on in human body. Watch out your trip to toilet.