Tooth sensitivity - Top 10 causes

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Having beautiful pearly teeth is what each one of us desires. At the same time, it is also important to have healthy teeth that are not painful, or sensitive.

Tooth sensitivity is easily the most common of all dental diseases. Sensitivity occurs when the tooth loses its protective enamel coating, and the underlying dentin, and nerve endings are exposed.

Given below are some of the top reasons for tooth sensitivity:

  1. Too hard brushing: In order to have pearly white teeth., one may end up brushing them too hard, and with a lot of force. This causes the enamel to scrape off, and sensitivity occurs.
  2. Too many tomatoes: Tomatoes and other sour food contain citric acid that dissolves the enamel coating of the teeth. Too much of citric acid is harmful, and leads to sensitivity and pain.
  3. Tooth whiteners: Tooth whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide. The chemical leads to corrosion of the enamel, and using too much of it will only make your teeth sensitive.
  4. Too much mouthwash: Mouthwashes contain acidic content that washes away the enamel from the teeth. So, even though your beneath may be minty fresh, overdoing it will result in tooth sensitivity.
  5. Too old fillings: Old fillings develop cracks around the edges. Bacteria enter, and start growing in these tiny crevices. This leads to sensitivity and pain.
  6. Cavities: Cavities cause tooth decay, and sensitive teeth due to bacterial growth.
  7. Receding gum line: When this happens, the sensitive nerve endings are exposed. This leads to severe sensitivity, and pain.
  8. Cracked teeth: When teeth develop cracks due to any reason, it gives a chance for bacteria to grow in the cracks. These bacteria then lead to sensitivity.
  9. Grinding the teeth: Tooth enamel may be the strongest material in the body, but too much grinding can lead to sensitivity.
  10. Tooth decay: During tooth decay, the first thing affected is the enamel coating, followed by the exposure of nerve endings. Both these things are sufficient to cause sensitivity of the severest type.
  11. Plaque: When plaque builds on your teeth, it starts eating into the enamel. This can cause sensitive and painful teeth.

Take proper care of your teeth. Use brushes with soft bristles, and brush gently, but regularly. Also, go easy on mouthwashes and whiteners.