Warning signs to see your gynecologist

  • By Sahana Rajan

Apart from regular gynecologist visits, there are symptoms which require immediate attention. These could hint at sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), possible complications in pregnancy or the oncoming of menopause.

The presence of lesions or blisters on the vagina or the surrounding region could be a sign of herpes. One can find out the cause through a blood test. High amount of vaginal bleeding during menstrual cycles which are heavy and soak over two to three sanitary napkins within an hour or two. In case it is present along with greater heart rate, breath-shortness, it could be a symptom of anemia.

Feeling of intense pain in the abdominal area suddenly accompanied with dizziness and pain in the shoulders, could suggest ruptured ectopic pregnancy. This is the reproductive occurrence where the fertilized ovum gets implanted in tissues other than those on the uterine wall. These generally are placed in the Fallopian tubes.

While getting rid of periods can be a relief after menopause, look out for signs of uterine or cervical cancer. The most common sign is bleeding after menopause. The bleeding could also be caused by benign polyps or hyperplasia. Another situation which requires gynecologist visit is finding breast lump. If you feel a lump on your breast while examining yourself, then schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to figure out the medical possibilities to account for its occurrence.

In order to make your visit to the gynecologist comfortable, choose a doctor whom you connect well with. Some prefer their gynecologist to be honest and friendly, while others would prefer a more formal set-up. Minimally, your gynecologist must be considerate enough to advice you about your habits and their effect on the reproductive system.

Also, know about your Pap. According to medical studies, a majority of women do not know the type of Pap smear they are using. One should get recommendation about it from the gynecologist.

An annual gynecologist exam will help to let you know the status of your reproductive health. Breast exams at gynecologist clinics guarantee greater accuracy than checking oneself. This exam will help to thoroughly examine your genital region to know abnormalities concealed in areas you cannot reach. Lastly, be completely honest with your doctor about your sexual life. In case you forgot to use a condom during your last intercourse, it is best to get STD tests as soon as possible to avoid advancement of any potential infection.