What exercises to do when pregnant - A guide

  • By Team TDO

Here are some general guidelines for pregnant women to follow during exercise time:

  1. Avoid long sessions of aerobic workouts as they’ll make you tired without much gain either.
  2. Try medium to high intensity exercises only after a doctor's advice and permission.
  3. Do not exercise more than thirty minutes. This is ideal enough.
  4. Shorter duration might not give size able results but longer ones may have undesirable effects on muscle mass. Find out the correct time and method for yourself from an expert.
  5. If you can only afford limited time maybe you should try for more time-efficient exercises.
  6. You can even do two small sessions if you are unable to do all the exercise at the same time.
  7. A high intensity exercise can be risky too. Overtraining, injuries and losing valuable ground could bear consequences.
  8. Higher aerobic capacity, lower resting heart rate, decreased blood pressure and cholesterol etc. are some of the benefits of exercising. For these durations of 15-20 mins is sufficient.