10 questions on pregnancy, answered

  • By Team TDO

Pregnancy is perhaps the toughest phase in a woman's life. You have to take a lot of care of your body, not to mention deal with tons of suggestions from caring friends and relatives. Here we will answer some questions that come up commonly.

I used to work out regularly. Can I continue during pregnancy? Which ones are safe?

Swimming, brisk walk, yoga, and Pilates are safe during pregnancy. Workout during pregnancy is in fact good to develop your muscle strength, which makes things easier during delivery.

How can I cure morning sickness?

Staying away from strong smells and foods do help. Eat small frequent meals. Open a window when cooking. When you wake in the morning, first thing you must do is eat a biscuit or cookie and then get out of the bed. This stabilizes your acid level as well as the sugar level in the body. Try to keep a maid if you have excessive nausea or vomiting.

Can I colour my hair?

The effects of chemical dyes on the fetus are unknown. However, colouring the hair during first trimester is not recommended by doctors.

I feel too tired to workout, what else can I do to stay fit?

Feeling fatigue during pregnancy is common. First of all, ensure you are getting enough rest. Break your workout into a 2-3 session a day to avoid tiredness. Take the advice of your doctor and go to a professional workout trainer.

How can I treat heartburn?

Eat 6-7 small meals a day. Drink plenty of water. Wear loose clothes around your waist. Sit upright for 1-2 hours after meals. Avoid oily and fattening foods.

How to relieve constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation during pregnancy is common. Drink plenty of water; include fiber in your diet. Go for a walk.

When can I feel the baby move?

You can feel faint movements during the 20th week and gradually you will experience baby's movements up to the 9th month.

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy?

If you have a normal pregnancy then travelling in flight should not be an issue. However, longer duration flights might cause trouble. Consult your gynaecologist before flying.

Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is not harmful if both the partners are healthy. Try and find the comfortable position which would not cause distress to the baby.

How can I prevent stretch marks?

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. While one can't prevent them from occurring, theycan be reduced by increasing the elasticity of the skin using moisturizers and intake of vitamin C. Ask your doctor to provide you with some gels or ointments to reduce the itching and marks due to stretching.