Fashion and style tips for pregnant women

  • By Team TDO

Pregnancy involves a lot of lifestyle changes, and very few of them are exciting. This especially true for the clothes you have to wear. But you can use this chance to experiment with fashion and try out trendy maternity outfits. Here are some basic tips on how you should style yourself.

Don’t go for baggy dresses

Maternity dresses are made in a way that fits your body perfectly against your growing belly. Don't go for baggy pieces intended to disguise or hide your bumpy figure. That will only make you look like a tent.

Flaunt that belly

Pregnancy is the time to celebrate and flaunt the bump in your belly. Your dress should say, "Yes, I am a beautiful pregnant woman".

Take attention away from the bump

While there is no reason to hide the bump, you can try out dresses that take the attention away. Try out empire waists, loose tunics and tees and scarves. Take the attention away from your belly to your face by wearing a knotted silk scarf. Also, wearing a cardigan open with a black top or camisole underneath works quite well in hiding the bump.

Stretch it with lycra

Lycra tights, stretch jeans that support your belly and flowy kurtas are trendy, comfy and can hide the bulge very well. Maternity skirts that are khaki, black or made of denim are great choices too. Make empire cuts and baby doll tops your best friends, but make sure these tops are long and fall at your upper thigh or mid-thigh. Wear dresses or tunics made of jersey material.

Go flat

Replace high heels with trendy flats or normal shoes. These will look stylish, will be comfortable and will help you balance your body.