Make your woman happy – Tell her these things

  • By Team TDO

We always hear men complaining – what do women want after all! They say they don’t understand women.

For all you guys out there, finally here is your guide to make her happy. If you are wondering what your woman loves to hear, read this and find out. Give her compliments.

  1. You are perfect: The simplest and safest compliment. It implies she is slim, her figure is perfect, her dressing sense is impeccable and you love everything about her. A woman is always unhappy with how she looks. Even the prettiest ones will fret over a little pimple and hottest ones will brood over the dress that did not fit. Knowing that she appears perfect to others instills confidence in her and helps her appreciate her own beauty.
  2. Your eyes are beautiful: The poets are partly responsible. So much has been said about the eyes that they become important automatically. But why did the poets go gaga over the eyes? Because they are expressive, they do say a lot about her state of mind, about her inner beauty. Big beautiful eyes are what all girls like to have – can be easily seen by the increasing sale of liners and other eye products.
  3. This dress looks fabulous on you: Praise her, not the dress. Don’t say you look good in this dress; always say the dress looks good on you. Clothes are many, of a billion varieties. She is one, she is unique. Tell her how the color compliments her so beautifully, how the cut at the midline accentuates her thin waist, how she adds value to an otherwise ordinary dress.
  4. That’s the sweetest smile ever: All girls love to be complimented for their smiles. And shouldn’t they be? After all, it is that smile that brightens your day, isn’t it? Make sure it lasts forever. Tell her how you love her smile, this will only make her smile more and add sunshine to your life. Tell her the curve of her lips makes the perfect arch and when they break open in a smile, her face lights up to being the most attractive in the whole wide world.

Marilyn Monroe said it rightly, “All little girls should be told they are pretty.”

No matter what’s your compliment, make sure it is sincere. The best lines fail if they are not said correctly and the most hackneyed lines can do wonders when they are said from the heart and soul. You love her, right? Then tell her you do, today, tomorrow, and every day.