Does your breast size worry you?

  • By Team TDO

Female breasts are undoubtedly a woman’s most important parts which add to her allure and form. But women do go to some rather ridiculous proportions to attract attention to that treasure trove by going in for silicone implants or surgical extensions.

Perhaps it could be true for women who have absolutely nothing else going for them. Since you cannot get an extension to the brain or intelligence much as you can with breasts then that is what you get.

It is the sheer pressure of having to look good all the time that forces females to go in for expensive implant surgeries popularly known as ‘boob jobs’ . There really is no ideal breast size for any body type. According to, 90 cm is considered the standard, but in fact it is ideal for 170cm tall.

So what is a woman with a size smaller than the normal or male expectations to do? Study Latin? Or play the harpsichord? Well while nobody denies the male attraction to big breasts, what you can draw attention to other facets about your womanhood and probably what you have by way of good qualities or personality could make breast size a completely secondary thing. A non-issue! Exercise can make the bust firmer and that’s what really counts. Besides men always want things that they can’t get anyway.

You could of course go in for those trick bras which make your bust-line appear larger than usual. But remember, bras are meant to maintain the shape and position of breasts. They can neither enlarge nor stop the breasts from growing. Type of bra does not affect breast size. As growth of breasts begins with the puberty in girls, bra helps to make it feel more comfortable with these two new body parts. Unless you have a problem with your breasts being underdeveloped, we suggest don’t go in for surgical intervention. As regards to the men you can rest assured that there is one for everyone.

As a pre-pubescent girl if you had expected a lot out of your breasts but were in some way disappointed just remember if a man likes you for what you are, he will accept you through all.