Sexual activity at menopause

  • By Team TDO

Loss of fertility for a woman at menopause is in itself a help rather than a hindrance to her sex life. By the time a woman reaches the age of menopause, she is free — free from menstruation, and usually free from home and financial burdens. Some, however. may consider menopause as a stark reminder of her getting older, perhaps less attractive. This in our youth oriented culture is a depressing thought. So she reacts either by avoiding sexual intercourse or by an attempt to reinstate youthful sexual vigour by an almost compulsive wish for frequent intercourse

Research shows that there is little, if any, change except frequency upto the age if 75 years and 25% to 50% of all couples of this age still have regular sex, since continued activity keeps hormone levels up and maintains the sex urge and drive. Those couples who cease activity do not stop because of impotency or frigidity but due to arthritis and other ills.

The only thing age has to do with sex performance is that the longer you love the more you learn. Of course, that's not the belief of young people who are firmly convinced that no one over 50 makes love and it would be obscene if they did !