Female masturbation

  • By Sanjay Akolkar

Really touching, isn't it? That you have just realized that women are no better! Even women masturbate. Well, that may come as a shocking revelation to some of my male friends who find it hard to digest the fact that women can have, or are allowed to have any sort of pleasure without the aid of masculine assistance. So there you go: females do masturbate- have been doing so since the days of Eve and well, hopefully shall continue to do so in time to cum (Do pardon the silly albeit apt pun)

Female masturbation is probably not as openly spoken about as the male version. But then so it is with sex, isn't it? Maybe, women prefer to talk less and do more. Who knows!

The fact is that masturbation, whether male or female, does have its advantages. We will talk only about female masturbation here.

Female masturbation is the self-administration of the pleasurable touch. It is the act of stimulating orgasm through rubbing the clitoris or using the fingers or other objects in the vagina. And of course all this should be done by self to the self or else that technically would mean "sex" wouldn't it?

Female masturbation is perhaps the least spoken of all sexual acts. Possibly, because of the ridiculous taboos and attitudes that certain societies have towards female pleasure. It is in fact quite a healthy thing after all!

Females who masturbate regularly are more in touch with their sexual beings and thus are more likely to enjoy the sexual act. It makes the sexual act not such an ordeal, as through masturbation they already know where there erogenous zones are and are not afraid to hit the G note i.e. the G Spot!

Every lady may not readily admit to having an arsenal of dildos at her disposal but surely, at some point in her adult life she will have contemplated using something that can be a good substitute for a penis (At least a rubber dildo doesn't leave you mid way and start snoring). These objects d'art are commonly known as dildos and may even be of the vibrating variety.

In female masturbation, the woman may just choose to think of a romantic caper with her fantasy male(s) and just caress her breasts and nipples to achieve a rather agreeable sensation. Or, depending on how visually creative she is, she might even use several positions with her sex toys playing out a rich tapestry of fantasies and be quite pleased at the result. Means to an orgasmic end! No disrespect meant here, but that's setting off an entire process of self discovery through a perfectly normal mechanism called 'masturbation'.

Furthermore, masturbation also releases feel good endorphins which keeps one buzzing with good energy and can set minor mood upsets right. Some women have problems with vaginal lubrication and masturbation can greatly help them to at least prepare themselves for the actual sexual act.

This is especially true in case of post-menopausal women. Well the beauty of female masturbation is that it would probably figure on every male's must see list. So, who says masturbation means going it alone! You could even involve your partner in watching you in the act. It might add that extra dash of zing to your sex life and could make you feel more confident and more 'you'!

In conclusion, female masturbation is absolutely natural and it is quite a healthy practice to 'touch yourself' to well, get in touch with yourself!