6 reasons why self-esteem is important

  • By Team TDO

Not having a good opinion about oneself can host a number of problems like depression, lack of confidence, and failures.

  1. Self-esteem is your raison and sum total of what you will achieve throughout your life.
  2. Self-esteem is a set of personal beliefs or credo or most simply put- the image that you have of yourself, either good or bad. It helps you to feel good about yourself.
  3. Someone with a healthy self-esteem never beats himself up for a mistake, rather looks on mistakes as learning opportunities.
  4. A person with good self-esteem will generally be successful in relationships and career choices.
  5. Self-esteem is an investment made in the self. It always pays rich dividends to have good healthy and nurturing thoughts about oneself.
  6. Self-esteem is not narcissism as there is always a reality check. Healthy self-esteem doesn't mean ability to do everything, rather it is recognizing one's limitations and loving oneself in spite of that.

Quick tips to build self-esteem

  1. Socialise
  2. Do things you are best at
  3. Try to do the things you fear and conquer the fear
  4. Help others feel good about themselves